Serving The Good King As A Lightbearer

I’m so young in the faith
Sometimes things happen that make me afraid
When my fear is intensly growing inside
I turn to the Good King in prayer, for in Him I can confide

He gives me courage and a willingness to do what’s right
He teaches me to go by His Word and not by sight
I want to tell others that there is hope beyond where we are
That there is a Kingdom that is very far
Yet close for those who have the Good King in their heart
Where He can give them a new life and a new start

So whatever happens in this life I will let my light shine                                                       Letting His Promises strengthen my mind

His Truth is burning in my heart like a flame
I will look to Him and trust in His saving Name
Wherever I am and wherever I go
I will be His Lightbearer so people will know
How they can have peace and eternal life
In the midst of the storms of pain and strife

I have left the world for its pleasures no more satisfy me
I will walk the path that has been placed beneath my feet
Wherever He wants me to be I will bloom and shine
Showing by my words and deeds that life can be fine
No matter who or what is against you
No matter what circumstances come to you
If you have Him as your King
He can make your heart sing

I love the Good King because He first loved me
He gave His life on a hill called Calvary
He made me His own by His blood
His love is overflowing in me like a flood
Going out to those who don’t know Him
Who have been living in guilt and sin
So that they too can be saved by His righteousness
and in their souls experience forgiveness and quietness

Here and anywhere
I will be His Lightbearer



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