A Thoughtful Little Boy

Hello boys and girls!

Here’s a story my Papa told me. It’s about a little boy and a Christmas present that he gave his mom.

It was during the Christmas season and Jacob and his mom were very sick. Jacob got better but his mom didn’t. He prayed for her and asked Jesus to heal her. Day after day, Jacob did his best in caring for her. After he gave a bowl of soup he wished that he could give his mom something nice for Christmas. But he had no money. Where was he going to get money? He decided to do some jobs that would help him make some.

He shoveled snow for his neighbors and helped with delivering Christmas Trees. But though he worked hard he didn’t have enough money to buy his mom a very special present. What was he going to do? He had two days left before Christmas! As he was helping with delivering the Christmas Trees he thought to himself, These trees are so nice. I wish my mom could have one. When he was done working and was given his pay, he walked home. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and he had nothing to give to his mother. When he got home he put his coat and boots away and went to check on his mom. She was sleeping soundly in her bed.

He went into the kitchen and saw a broom handle. Then he had an idea. Would you like to know what it was? He took the broom handle and made holes in it. Then the next day he went to the place where he helped with delivering the trees and saw pine boughs and branches on the ground. He used a bag that he brought with him and stuffed them in it. Since he didn’t have to do any jobs that day he secretly worked on his surprise while he took care of his mom. She was doing so well that Jacob knew she would be completely better by Christmas.

That night his mother got out of bed and made dinner for them. Jacob was so happy that he thanked Jesus for healing his mom. He helped her in the kitchen and together they laughed and talked.

After dinner, Jacob thought that it was the perfect time for him to give mom his surprise. He took her to the living room and asked her to close her eyes. When her eyes were closed he went into his room and got out his present. When he came back he placed it in front of his mom and told her to open her eyes. Do you know what it was? It was a homemade Christmas Tree! Jacob had attached the branches to the holes he made in the broom handle and also covered it with boughs. It looked just as good as the Christmas Trees that he saw at his job. His mother smiled and cried tears of joy. She hugged Jacob and thanked him for giving her such a wonderful present.


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