More Of Thee And Less Of Me


Have those words ever escaped from your lips? Did you ever want to leave and never return to work when things went wrong or when co-workers gave you a hard time? I have. Being a Lightbearer in a workplace setting is NOT easy at all. And it is tempting to think that if we leave where we are we will find something better, which nine times out of ten won’t be. If we love the Good King we will go through trials because we live in a world where the majority of people don’t love and accept Him. This is Satan’s kingdom and he will do what he can to make us miserable and ineffective witnesses in what we do. We become ineffective witnesses by giving into our anger and our pride.

I have now learned some lessons on how to be a faithful Lightbearer in the workplace. I have also come to the realization that those who have bullied me were the very ones in need of knowing about Jesus and His love toward them. That makes me want to pray for them instead of being angry with them. Another thing is that wherever you are is where God wants you to be, even if it involves doing something you don’t want to do. It’s not about us anyway, it’s about our King and what He wants to do in our lives. When we start thinking about ourselves and what we want, we fight against His plan. And I know that none of us would want to do that. And lastly, He allows trials to happen so that we may have a character that could glorify and please Him. He makes us into gold in the furnace of affliction.

These lessons that I have learned were from a chapter entitled “Help In Daily Living”, from “Ministry Of Healing.” If you would like to find these lessons and others that I didn’t have time to mention, click on this link and read it for yourself.

May we start praying instead of saying, “I hate my job!” from this day forward.

“I Hate My Job” image is from Google Images.


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