“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part One

“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt”

By: Lightbearer4Truth

The Natives of Doubt lived in a big mountain that was far away from civilization. Their height ranged to about seven feet and they were strong and masculine. The look of them brought terror to those who saw them for they wore armor, and had weapons that they were very skillful at using. When they invaded a place no one was spared who were caught by them. If they found a use for their prisoner they would make him their slave until he died. If he was unable to serve them they would kill him right on the spot. Their hearts knew no pity. No entreaties for mercy could soften them, for they were hard as a rock. These fearless warriors were also worshipers. They worshiped idols and pledged their allegiance to them. When they wanted some fun they played games that were like the ones that were played in the coliseum at Rome centuries ago. Even though playing them meant one of them would get hurt or die they didn’t care, for the thrill of the games were worth more to them then their lives. And those who won the games got rewards of praise and recognition. On occasion special games would be held to select a different chief for the tribe.

And on one such occasion a new chief was chosen. His name was Much Cruel and he had succeeded in beating the old chief, Tough Bones in a duel. The people were happy to have a chief that was not only tough like their old one but much more heartless. After the Natives of Doubt honored their new chief with a celebration, Much Cruel told them that he wanted to invade a place where people worshiped a God called the Good King. He added that it was time to put their God in the dust because He would be in competition with their gods. The people were excited at the idea of another invasion. They were thirsty for spreading more misery and destruction in the World. They asked him what the place was that their new chief had in mind to attack. He answered that it was called Small Faith.

The next day they got into their armor, grabbed their weapons and with Much Cruel in the lead marched toward where Small Faith was located. When they reached the place the victory was already in their hands because the inhabitants were small of stature and very timid. The poor Small Faith people couldn’t fight and when they tried to run they were all caught (except one). The Natives of Doubt burned their homes and everything that was once a part of their peaceful community. Much Cruel saw that though their captives were small they were hard working and industrious. So instead of having them killed he took them back to his home where they could work as slaves. As the Small Faith People were being led away the chief mocked them, saying, “Where’s your God now, little ones? Looks like this Good King has left His faithful subjects to serve us! Your God is powerless against our gods!”

A little woman, who felt righteously indignant for the Master answered, “The Good King has not left us! He will save us and will show you that He is more powerful than all the gods that man can come up with!”

Much Cruel laughed. “Your words are of no effect to me and to my people. The Natives of Doubt are unstoppable. Nothing can defeat us!”

The Small Faith People labored hard for the giant-like warriors. They were forced to give them food, water, polish their weapons, clean up after them, and mend their clothes and shoes. And if they failed to do a certain thing the slave masters would strike them with whips or beat them. It was a very hard trial for them and they prayed that the Good King would free them from this cruel slavery.

One night Much Cruel awoke from his sleep. He had a dream that disturbed him greatly and he wanted to know the meaning of it. He called for his two wise men to his bedroom. They bowed to him and said, “What is it chief? Have you a dream that you want us to interpret?”

“Indeed I have, and it greatly distresses me,” he said to them.

“What was it, chief?” they asked.

Much Cruel told them his dream: “I saw two lights coming toward our mountain. The brightness of the lights was so overwhelming that they seemed to chase all manner of darkness away. They went inside our mountain and we tried to stop them but they defeated us. Then those horrid lights freed our slaves and led them out of the mountain. We then tried to chase them and recover our slaves, but some kind of power was keeping us from reaching them. In the end of the dream I heard this voice that seemed to come from the sky. It was so mighty that I fell to the ground and it said that he would free his people from the hand of the Natives Of Doubt. Then I awoke.”

After the wise men heard the dream they began to chant mysterious words. When they were finished speaking their incantations they answered: “Much Cruel, our gods have told us the meaning of your dream. Two strangers will come here. They will bear a Light that is more powerful than any light. The power of the Light will keep us from harming them and because of it they will have the victory over us. Then they will lead the Small Faith People out and we won’t be able to stop them because their God is mighty. The voice you heard is the voice of their God.”

Much Cruel was very angry when he heard this. “What do you mean their God is mighty? Our gods are mightier! Are you sure that is what the dream means?”

“Yes, chief, we do not make mistakes in interrupting dreams. We always speak the truth even when it doesn’t please us.”

Much Cruel got out of his bed, his bare feet touching the cold stone floor. “Then we must keep the fulfillment of the dream from happening,” he said defiantly.

“It’s not possible to interfere, chief,” said one of the wise men, “No matter what we do, we will lose.”

The chief put on a white tunic and placed a golden pendent around his neck. “I’m going to beseech the gods on what to do about them. We can’t lose to the God of the intruders!” He then left his room and walked down the hall to where the Temple Room was. The coldness of the floor stung his feet but he was more concerned for the fate of his tribe and the loss of his slaves to think about comfort.

To Be Continued


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