“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Three

Much Cruel jolted awake in his bed. His eyes were widened in fear and his head was sweating. When he realized that he just had a dream he rubbed his eyes and laid his head back down on the pillow and thought about it.This one seemed a lot worse to him than the one he had the night before. The two lights were in it again but this time they were right before him. They were brighter than ever and the brightness had a power that seemed to penetrate his very soul. He felt that his whole being was burning up from the purity of the lights. When he couldn’t endure it any longer he quickly woke up.

“I wish I could get those two lights out of my head,” he mumbled.

Since he couldn’t go back to sleep he called for his record keeper to read to him. Perhaps hearing about his past victories would boost his courage and help him to get back to sleep. He smiled as he listened to the accounts. Why was he afraid of two measly lights? He was the chief of the Natives of Doubt! No one was able to stand against this tribe! For many years they had won wars and made cities fall to their knees before them. Nothing and no one was able to stop them! If the bearers of the light should confront him he would overcome them and make them food for his pet tigers. With his mind at ease he went to sleep as the record keeper kept on reading the accounts.


In the slave quarters the Small Faith people secretly held a memorial for the poor old man that was killed. The men and women joined together to pay respect for their fallen brother. They sang their freedom song that they had written together during their very small amounts of free time that the Natives of Doubt gave to them.

Though our hearts are heavy and our burdens are too hard to bear

We remember that our King will still love and care

For all of His creation, even the children of men

Though we have many trials and sorrows we will cling to His hand

Though enemies persecute us and our will try to bend

Though they kill us to make us fear

We know that our King is still with us and is very near

We believe that very soon we will be free again

Master, make Small Faith free again

After their song they bowed their heads and had a moment of silence. But a disgruntled Small Faith Person broke it by grumbling:

“What’s the use of hoping for freedom? We’ll never be delivered from this bondage.”

Everyone turned their heads to the one who spoke. It was Benjamin. He was another elderly man but he wasn’t as old as the one that perished. He still had strength in him and his voice though shaky was strong. He used to be so full of happiness but being in slavery had made him gruff and skeptical. He continued to speak:

“We have labored so long for these Natives of Doubt. We have suffered ill treatment and now a friend of ours is dead by their evil hand. I think the only way we will be free is when we all die.”

Billy didn’t like to see a fellow Small Faith Person have a doubtful mind. He answered him, “We will be free, Ben. The Good King would never leave His servants at the hands of their enemies. Think about what He has said in the Holy Word. He has promised that He will help those who are in distress numerous times.”

Ben turned away. “The Good King has left us. If He were still with us He wouldn’t have let our home be destroyed and us taken to this dreadful place. He wouldn’t have allowed our children to be taken away from us and trained by our enemies to be like them. We have been forsaken.”

“No we haven’t! Even though we have to go through this terrible trial He is still with us. We must keep holding on to our faith. We can’t let the Natives of Doubt crush us.” Billy persisted.

A young woman spoke up. “I have to agree with Ben. They took my only son away from me. It breaks my heart to think that he is now going to be a heartless warrior just like they are. Let’s face it friends, the Master doesn’t love us anymore. He may be with everyone else but He is not with little people like us.”

“Yeah, and look what happened to Eddy,” said another young woman. “He tried to escape but some of the natives pursued him. They soon came back but Eddy wasn’t with them. They killed him. Surely the Good King could have saved him. Poor thing!”

The rest of the Small Faith people began to share their doubts. Billy tried to reason with them but they were so downcast that they wouldn’t listen. When the memorial was over and the women went back to their room, Billy laid on his bed wide awake while the others slept. Did the Good King really leave us? Are we destined to be slaves forever until we die? If He really does love us then why did so many bad things happen to us? He shook these thoughts from his mind. No! I will still believe in the Good King’s love. I know He hasn’t left us. He will save us, I’m sure of it! He then closed his eyes and dreamed of the freedom that he and his people would soon taste.

In the room where the women were sleeping Sally also believed that the Good King would free them. Billy’s words echoed in her mind:

“We must keep holding on to our faith.”

She would keep holding on to hers too.

To Be Continued.


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