“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Four

The Path seemed a lot longer than usual for Karen and Eddy. But they realized that the Good King purposely made it longer so that they could better prepare themselves for the new mission that was before them. They knew that the Natives Of Doubt were dangerous and would not willingly give up the Small Faith People. They wanted their faith to be strong so that they would be bold as lions in the midst of the evil giants. They didn’t want to give into fear and retreat from what the Good King wanted them to do. With a feeling of deep need for His help they took time in their journey to pray and to gaze at His promises from their Lanterns. When they felt more strength was given to them they kept on walking on the Path.

The Master of Darkness pursued them invisibly. He gritted his teeth at the thought of the Most High succeeding in freeing the Small Faith People from his servants. He knew that all his efforts to fight against Him were in vain. He tried to win the war in Heaven and lost; he tried to defeat the Most High’s purposes in the Ancient Times and lost; he tried his utmost to defeat the Good King when He came to the world as a human, and lost big time; he tried to destroy the church and lost; he had tried numerous times to upset the plans of Heaven for sinners and lost. He had lost in everything! A rational being would have surrendered but not he. He was bound and determined to prove that he was greater than the Good King and that eventually he would win.

“Hopefully, I will be permitted to kill the Lightbearers this time. Their heavenly characteristics are making me sick!” he muttered.

Karen and Eddy sensed that the foe was not very far. They knew that it would be a matter of time before he attacked them again. And as always, they would be ready for him as long as the Good King was with them. Soon a bright shining angel from Heaven appeared to them. He had a rolled up golden scroll in his hand. He came up to the Lightbearers and gave them the scroll.

“The Small Faith People need to be strong when the Good King works His deliverance. When you reach them, give this scroll to Billy. He will use it to strengthen his faith and the faith of his fellow captives. The Forces Of Evil will strive to thwart His Majesty’s plan in releasing His people but take courage, for nothing can defeat or upset His purposes.”

After the Lightbearers received the scroll the angel smiled at them and disappeared before their eyes.

Eddy then spoke to Karen. “I strongly sense in my spirit that my people need more prayers right now. I know this feeling is from the Holy Spirit. Let’s stop where we are on the Path and pray to His Majesty for them.”

Karen and Eddy both knelt down and lifted up the Small Faith People to the Good King again in prayer. They asked Him to help them hold tightly to their faith and to not let the Master of Darkness take it away from them.

The wicked demon covered his ears and fled from them. Whenever the Most High was called upon he didn’t want to stick around. He knew that the Good King was more powerful than him and when anyone prayed in His Name His presence would be with them.

Karen and Eddy prayed as long as the Holy Spirit impressed them. When they were done they arose and walked again. Seeing that their praying time was over, the Master of Darkness continued to pursue them, but this time at a safe distance. The Light that was surrounding them was too blinding for him.

To Be Continued.





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