“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Six

When news reached Billy on what happened to Sally, anger arose in his little heart. If only he was there to protect his dear friend. He then realized with sadness that there was no way he could have saved her from the queen. His lips trembled when he thought of sweet Sally being thrown into the tiger den. Those ferocious beasts pouncing on her and eating her until there was nothing left. Billy wailed and pounded his fists on the wall.

“Why, Your Majesty? Why her? Why did You allow this to happen? She’s my best friend! I can’t bear this! I can’t! Don’t You care? Are You really in control of our situation?”

The other slaves in the room saw his turmoil. Billy had been strong in his faith but this terrible tragedy had seemed to shatter it. They were now totally convinced that the Good King had left them to die in their slavery.

Billy’s wailing was so loud that the women in their slave quarters heard him, and so did the two guards who were on duty. They entered the room with their spears in hand and commanded in deep voices:

“Shut up! You’re making a lot of noise!”

Billy was so heart broken and angry that he turned to the guards and remarked, “I just lost someone that I care about very much! Can’t I grieve without being pushed around?”

The guards growled at his reply. But seeing how much he was suffering they decided to leave him be. But they would report this disrespect to the chief once they saw him.

When the door closed behind them, Billy stopped pounding on the wall. After wailing a few more times he then collapsed on the floor and wept bitterly.


Outside the mountain, the Master of Darkness was very happy. The Small Faith People were losing their faith in the Good King. Both the men and women were now doubting Him. Now it would be totally useless for Karen and Eddy to help them. The Natives of Doubt totally owned them and as long as they no longer believed, the Most High couldn’t free them from their slavery.

“Hahahahaha! Who’s the winner now? You couldn’t stop me in this one!” he exclaimed jubilantly as he looked up into Heaven.

He then called for his helpers. In a matter of seconds all the fallen angels that joined him in the Great Rebellion appeared.

“I have the Small Faith People in my power. There’s no way that the Most High can succeed in His mission through His two Lightbearers. When that teenage girl and little man come we will get them too.” Then he announced defiantly, “Today is a victorious day for the Forces of Evil! Let all Lightbearers and would be Lightbearers of the Most High know about it!”

The demons cheered.

In the distance they could see two Lights coming their way.

“And now my faithful friends, let’s get them!” said their wicked leader.

To Be Continued.





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