“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Seven

Eddy’s heart thumped in his chest when he saw the huge mountain towering above them. “Wow, look at the size of it!” he whispered. He then saw windows in the mountain. Judging by the way they were lined up, it looked like there were different compartments inside. He held his Lantern up toward the windows, hoping to see his people in there. Karen held her Lantern up also. It was hard to see but they managed to catch a glimpse of one of the little people scurrying around followed by very tall people who were wearing armor on their bodies and holding spears. The two Lightbearers put their Lanterns down.

“Wow! Those Natives of Doubt sure look big!” said Karen.

“Yeah, and their hatred for all things good is bigger than their size,” said Eddy. “I think this tribe could be labeled as the meanest of all the tribes on the face of this earth.”

“Are you ready, Eddy?” Karen asked him.

“Yes, I’m ready. How I have prayed for this day when Small Faith would be delivered.”

A deep guttural voice replied, “Then you will have to keep on praying little wretched human! The Small Faith People are mine!”

Karen held her Lantern in front of her. “It’s the Master of Darkness again.”

The fallen angel materialized before them. His glowing red eyes were full of malice and mischief when he looked at the faithful servants of the Good King. His helpers also materialized before the humans.

Karen and Eddy stepped back.

The Master of Darkness spoke:

“This is where your adventure really ends. We will make sure that you die by the hands of my faithful servants who dwell in this mountain.”

The sight of the demons was very chilling to the two Lightbearers. Karen wondered if maybe this time they were really going to die. The Good King had preserved their lives many times when it seemed that their end was near. He wouldn’t let them go to sleep until it was time. And if it was time it was going to be alright, for they would reign with the Good King when He came back.

“Don’t you know that if you kill us it will profit you nothing, evil one?” Karen asked the leader of the demons. “We will be in the Kingdom of Heaven and will reign with our Lord forever and ever.”

The Master of Darkness gave a smile that showed through his hood with his glowing red eyes. “We will make sure that you lose your hold on the Most High before we destroy you. If you die in doubt you will resurrect to eternal death at the end of the World. Our servants will make sure that you no longer love and trust in the Most High when they are done with you.”

“In the Name of the Good King be gone!” Eddy commanded.

The Master of Darkness shuddered. He remembered how that small squeaky voice with the power of the Most High was able to chase him away before. He growled, “Very well. Let’s see how strong your faith really is.” Then he and his helpers disappeared.

“Let’s go,” said Karen, as she and Eddy walked toward the entrance of the mountain. The huge stone door opened before them.

“Do you think they are expecting us?” Eddy asked her.

Karen stared at the opened stone door. “Sure looks like it. Let’s hold on tightly to the Light of the Good King’s Truth and keep our hearts in prayer to Him.”

“You can count on me to do that!” said Eddy as he tightly gripped his Lantern. “I’ll never let go of the Truth!”

Karen and Eddy then carefully walked inside.

To Be Continued.









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