“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Eight

When Karen and Eddy walked through the stone door that opened before them in the mountain guards appeared and stopped them with their spears. “Intruders!” they shouted.

Karen was one to not be afraid so easily, but when she was faced to face with these men of amazing strength and stature her heart failed her. Eddy was feeling scared too, especially when one of the guards poked him with his spear and exclaimed:

“Hey! This is the fellow that escaped from us long ago when we attacked Small Faith!”

“You’re right. Why on earth would he come back to us?” said a guard confused.

“The Good King has sent me here to free His people, and my people.” Eddy answered them.

The guards laughed. “You think you can free them from us? Your brain is just as small as your height! We’re going to take you and the young girl to our chief. He will want a good laugh out of this too.”

The two Lightbearers were then dragged roughly to the throne room. Chief Much Cruel was sitting on his purple draped stone chair. When he saw the two shining Lanterns that the prisoners were carrying he gritted his teeth in anger.

“I know who you two are. You are the ones that have been sent to free the Small Faith People. But you will not succeed. You will be enslaved along with them.” He then gazed at Eddy. “I’m sure this will be a nice reunion for you, little one. Now you will be with your people here forever. Ha ha ha ha ha!” He then turned to his guards. “Take them away!”

The guards took Karen and Eddy to the slave quarters. Before they got separated they encouraged one another with promises from the Holy Word that they have kept in their hearts during their adventures.

“Be strong, brother,” said Karen.

“You as well, dear sister,” said Eddy.

Karen was pushed into the room where the female slaves were. As the stone door closed behind her she looked at all the women, who were staring at her in wonder. They looked so tired and miserable that Karen nearly cried. She also noticed that they were dirty as if they hadn’t bathed in a long time.

No wonder the Master of Darkness called the Natives of Doubt his servants. Anyone who can treat people like this have to be under his control. Karen thought to herself.

A little woman slowly came up to her. “Who are you, dear? Why are you here? You’re not from Small Faith like we are.”

“I’m Karen the Lightbearer. The Good King has sent Eddy and I to free you from your slavery.”

The little woman smiled in great joy. “It is true. We are going to leave this terrible place. His Majesty has not forsaken us at all.”

When the other women heard that they cheered.

“We almost lost our faith but now it is returning to us.” the little woman said to Karen. “You and Eddy are going to be the Good King’s instruments in delivering us from the Natives of Doubt. Maybe this will be another exodus like the one that’s mentioned in the Holy Word.” The she asked, “Who is this Eddy? What’s he like?”

“He’s small with blonde hair and a very gentle disposition.” Karen answered as she described her best friend.

“Could it possibly be our Eddy?” a little elderly woman asked.

“No, he’s dead. one of the natives killed him when he tried to escape.” the little woman next to her replied sadly.

“On the contrary,” said Karen smiling, “he’s very much alive. The Good King protected him and he has prayed for the freedom of Small Faith.”

“Where is he?” asked the little woman.

“He’s been taken to where the male slaves are.” Karen answered.


“I can’t believe my eyes!” said a little man as he got closer to the newcomer. “Edward Matthews is that really you?”

Eddy recognized him. “Hello Richard!” he greeted.

The little man embraced him. “It really is you! Oh, Eddy we thought you were killed!”

“The Good King was my Shield and Defense. He kept me from death.” Eddy answered. Then his eyes filled with tears of joy. “I have kept you all in my prayers. Our loving Master has brought us together and He is going to free Small Faith. Praises to His mighty Name!”

“What are you doing here?” Richard asked him.

“I and a friend have come here to free you. You will not forever be slaves to the Natives of Doubt.” He then turned to face the others who were listening. “My dear people, our all mighty Master, the Lord of Heaven and earth, will do wonders in defeating our enemies here and will bring us back to our home so that we can rebuild it. A new day is coming for Small Faith!”

Benjamin scoffed. “Bah! You are deluded, Eddy. You have been captured just like the rest of us and now will suffer slavery like we do. The Good King has abandoned us. I’m even starting to wonder now if there really is such a God. Maybe we have made Him up all this time.”

Eddy went up to the elderly little man. “Ben, the Good King is real. He has sent me and Karen to prove it. And He has not abandoned you or anyone else that is suffering here in this mountain of trouble. I pray that you have not lost your faith in Him. You need it if you want to be free. His Majesty will use my friend and I to deliver you from the Natives of Doubt.”

Benjamin laughed. “You have always been the most timid of us. Even when you was a boy you were always scared of your own shadow. What makes you think that you can stand up against these giants? You will cower before them just like we do.”

Eddy felt hurt in being reminded of his past fearful nature, but he didn’t get angry at the Small Faith Person. He understood that he along with the rest of his people had suffered a lot at the hands of the Natives of Doubt. With gentleness in his voice he answered the cutting remark:

“Yes, I was a very scared fellow until I learned to surrender my whole life to the Good King. He taught me how to be brave and trusting in Him in the adventures I have had in being His Lightbearer.”

“You’re a Lightbearer?” Richard asked in awe. “No Small Faith Person has ever become a Lightbearer. That requires someone of excellent faith and courage.”

Eddy showed him the Lantern he was carrying. “By His Majesty’s grace, I’m not the person that I was before.”

Richard and the others, including Benjamin looked at the Lantern. They could see that the Light in it was not ordinary because verses from the Holy Word were showing through the glass.

“I’m sorry for not believing you, Eddy,” said Richard. “I can see that you are speaking the truth. You must have truly changed a lot since our departure.”

The others also believed and commented on how wonderful seeing the Light of Truth was to their troubled souls. But Benjamin was still doubtful and said huffily:

“I’d like to see how a Lightbearer can withstand all the strength and brutality of the giants in this mountain.”

To Be Continued.






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