Bible Adventures: “When Jesus Comes Again”

Hey kids!

Today we are going to do something different. Instead of going back to the times of the Bible; we are going to visit a family, who are going to show us from the Bible what Heaven will be like. Let’s hear what they say:


Remember the jewels of the New Jerusalem that Benjamin read about? Here’s a picture of what they really look like.


Five of these jewels have big names, don’t they? But they sure are pretty.


There’s going to be a lot of nice things to see in Heaven. But the best thing will be when we see Jesus, our loving and great Good King. Here’s a song you can learn about that:


Prayer: Thank Jesus that He is coming back to take you to Heaven. Ask Him to help you to be ready to meet Him.


Picture is from Google Images.


Bible Adventures: “The Rock And The Sand”

Hello boys and girls!

Are you ready to go on more Bible Adventures? Today we are going to listen to a story that the Good King, Jesus told about two houses. One house was built on a rock and one was built on the sand. Which one will last when a storm comes? Let’s listen and see!

When we obey what Jesus says in the Bible, we are like the wise man in the story. No matter what happens we will be strong and no troubles or problems can knock us down. Isn’t that great to know?

Prayer: Ask Jesus to help you to listen and to obey what He says. Thank Him that He can keep you from being knocked down when bad things happen.

Bible Adventures: “Songs Of Joy”

Hello boys and girls,

Today we are going to travel back to the birth of Jesus. Something big is going to happen in the fields of Bethlehem. Let’s see what it’s going to be!

Wouldn’t have been nice to hear the angels sing? I’m sure they sounded wonderful.


Activity: The angels worshiped Jesus when He was born in Bethlehem. It was a very happy night for them and for all the world. We can worship Jesus for coming here too. Here’s a Christmas song you can learn about the singing angels.


Prayer: Thank God that Jesus was born to save us from our sins, and that we can have peace and joy in Him.


Bible Adventures: “The Best Gift Of All”

Hello kids!

Christmas will be here soon. It’s fun to get presents that are under the tree during that special time of the year. Doesn’t it make you happy when you get something that you’ve always wanted? It makes your parents happy to see you happy too. Did you know that God gave us a very special gift? No it wasn’t a toy or something electronic. It was Someone who is worth more than all those things. Let’s go on a Bible Adventure and see Who this special gift is.

It’s amazing. God gave us His Son Jesus because He loves us very much. He is “the best Gift of all”!

Prayer: Thank God for giving you Jesus as a Gift to you. You can also thank Jesus for coming here to make a way for you to go and live with Him someday.

Bible Adventures: “A Rainbow Of Promise”

Hello boys and girls!

Let’s see the very first rainbow with Noah and his family.

Imagine how Noah and his family must have felt knowing that God would never send a flood again to destroy the world. I’m sure it kept them and others who believed in God from worrying about another flood. God faithfully kept this promise and He faithfully keeps other promises too.

Activity: “Make A Rainbow Of Promises”

There are many promises in the Bible. Here’s a fun activity that can help you to remember some of the promises that God has made toward us.

  1. Get a piece of paper and draw seven arches of a rainbow.

2. Write seven promises from the Bible in the arches (1 for each arch). Here’s a chart of Bible promises that can help you:


3. Color in the arches lightly with these colors in order from top to bottom:

Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet.

4. Show your “Rainbow Of Promises” to your family and friends.

Prayer: Thank God that He keeps His promises. Pick your favorite promise from the chart and tell it to Him in prayer. Ask Him to help you to believe what He says more.


Picture is from Google Images.