“Stephen’s Test Of Faith”

A young Lightbearer named Stephen is made fun of for bringing the Holy Word to school. When the heat is up, he says that he really doesn’t have an interest in it and leaves the Book behind. But before he goes to bed his dad tells him of the Lightbearers in the past who have been persecuted because they wouldn’t deny the Good King. He also tells him about Stephen in the Holy Word, who was the first Christian Martyr. Young Stephen goes to sleep and has a dream where Stephen takes him through time to see the courage of those who loved the Good King more than their lives.

It looks like young Stephen learned his lesson. May our love for the Good King and for the Lost be so strong so that nothing can make us deny Him and our calling.



“The Great Controversy Ended” Part 1 (Movie)

Based on the inspiring classic book, “The Great Controversy Ended” gives us a picture of what the end times will be like and what God’s people will go through. In Part 1 you will see the events of the time of trouble that is mentioned in the Holy Word unfold. As the trials and persecution increases people are making decisions on whether they will worship God or worship the prince of this world (Satan). Will those who have decided to follow Jesus completely remain faithful to Him, or will they give in and join those who are against Him?

This film is rated 13 and Up due to serious themes and frightening images.

Disclaimer: Lightbearers For Jesus does not endorse the videos or any of the choices offered at the end of the film.




“Keepers Of The Flame: The Apostasy”

Witness the courage of the Reformers and the Waldenses in a time when obeying the Bible brought terrible persecution. We can have the same courage that these Lightbearers of the past had with the help of the Holy Spirit. We become strong by prayer and by reading the Holy Word. Let’s take more time to grow in our faith so that when the time comes for us to stand up for Jesus, we will not be afraid.