“Keepers Of The Flame: The Apostasy”

Witness the courage of the Reformers and the Waldenses in a time when obeying the Bible brought terrible persecution. We can have the same courage that these Lightbearers of the past had with the help of the Holy Spirit. We become strong by prayer and by reading the Holy Word. Let’s take more time to grow in our faith so that when the time comes for us to stand up for Jesus, we will not be afraid.

“The Conscientious Objector”

Desmond Doss refused to carry a gun when he went to war. How did he survive without a weapon in the midst of conflict? Listen as he (and those who have witnessed his faithfulness to his beliefs) tell how God was with him and used him to save lives that were wounded in battle.

This film contains war footage and some rough language. Viewer Discretion is advised.

Desmond Doss was a Lightbearer in extremely difficult situations. Let’s learn from his story to let our light shine when the heat is up wherever we are.