“Agapeland Character Builder Stories: Obedience”

Join Tuffy as he learns a very important lesson about obedience when he and his friends takes a special trip to the zoo.


“Janice’s Attic: God’s Amazing Power” (Episode 19)

Hello boys and girls!

Our friend, Janice is going to try to make a banana. Hmmm… I wonder how it’s going to taste when she’s done? Do you think she can make a banana? After her experiment she will teach you about God’s amazing power in the things He has made. Then she will share the last part of the exciting story “The Secret Of The Cave.” I wonder how that’s going to end?

This is the last episode. I hope you had fun visiting Janice in her attic. Remember this kids, Jesus loves you very much!

“Janice’s Attic: Choices” (Episode 18)

Hello boys and girls!

Our good friend, Janice would like to teach you about choices. You will learn about good choices and bad choices. She will also tell you about birds during the nature walk. Then she will read part 12 of the story “The Secret Of The Cave.” It’s important to make the right choices, and do you know what the best choice is? Asking Jesus to help you.

“The Story Keepers: Trapped” (Episode 9)

Hey kids!

It’s Nero’s birthday again and he has set up a big statue of himself for the party. He wants everyone to worship it but Tacticus won’t bow down to it. Nero gets very upset and throws Tacticus in prison. Will the Roman soldier remain true to Jesus or will he change his mind and worship the cruel emperor? Find out!

“Janice’s Attic: Perseverance” (Episode 17)

Hello boys and girls!

Our friend Janice is making something up in her attic. I wonder what it could be? While she’s making her special thing she has a lesson on perseverance. She will teach you what this big word means. Later on she and a friend are going to explore a cave by the sea. Then she will read part 11 of the exciting story “The Secret Of The Cave.” Have fun learning more about Jesus and what He made!