“To Know God”

O God, give me a mind to know You, a heart to love You, and a soul to rest on Your mercy.

—Harriet E. Crosby


God Doesn’t Give You What You Want, He Gives You What You Need

I asked for strength–

and God gave me difficulties to make me strong.

I asked for wisdom–

and God gave me problems to solve.

I asked for prosperity–

and God gave me brain and brawn to work.

I asked for courage–

and God gave me dangers to overcome.

I asked for love–

and God gave me opportunities.

I received nothing I wanted–

I received everything I needed.

My prayer has been answered.

From The Family Of Michael Job, An Indian Christian Medical Student Who Was Killed In June Of 1999 Because Of His Father’s Evangelistic Activities.

From “Extreme Devotion”, by The Voice Of The Martyrs

(C) 2001, The Voice Of The Martyrs

Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson. Thomas Nelson is a registered trademark of Thomas Nelson, Inc.

When we pray and don’t receive the answers we want, let’s remember these words from this Lightbearer in India, and trust that our Good King knows what He is doing.

“O Lord, Forgive”

If my soul has turned perversely to the dark;

If I have left some brother wounded by the way;

If I have preferred my aims to Yours;

If I have been impatient and would not wait;

If I have marred the pattern drawn out for my life;

If I have cost tears to those I loved;

If my heart has murmured against Your will,

O Lord, forgive.

–F. B. Meyer

Being Of Service

O Lord, You are never weary of doing me good. Let me never be weary of doing You service. But as You have pleasure in the prosperity of Your servants, so let me take pleasure in the service of my Lord, and abound in Your work, and in Your love and praise evermore. O fill up all that is wanting, reform whatever is amiss in me, perfect the thing that concerns me. Let the witness of Your pardoning love ever abide in my heart.

–John Wesley (adapted)