Book Review For “Radical Protection”, by Derek Morris

This book shows that we are all in a spiritual warfare. Whether you are a worldy person or a faithful Lightbearer for the Good King, Satan will try to get you with his snares. Derek Morris shares stories from people with real experiences on how this is true. However, the stories are not meant to scare anyone, because in the midst of the attacks the people have found that Jesus is stronger and more powerful than all the demons of hell. They learned to put on the Lord’s Armor that’s mentioned in Ephesians chapter 6. And they also learned how “praying without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17) brings them closer to God, which in turn chases the evil spirits away.

If you long to learn how to put on the full armor of God and how to pray more effectively for yourself and for your family, then check out this book and discover the “Radical Protection” that can be yours today!


Two Exciting Books About The End Times!

I have read these books and have found them to be both exciting and a blessing in my Christian life. If you would like something that is different from the “Left Behind” series, or if you have read the series and would like something better; then I would recommend “The Edge Of Eternity”, by Elaine Egbert and “The Appearing”, by Penny Estes Wheeler.



Description: Three Christians and a news anchorman find themselves in the midst of the trouble and turmoil of the last days. Will the Christians remain faithful to Jesus in spite of the deceptions and persecutions that are coming their way? Will the news anchorman finally decide to join them in standing up for the truth even if it means losing his popularity among his viewers?



Description: The persecuted followers of “The Way” await the second coming of Christ as the world around them is rapidly destroyed by rampant disease and hatred.


Even though the end-times (or as I like to call them, “the very last days”) will be very scary we can have the assurance that Jesus will be with us and that He will strengthen us with His Holy Spirit.



Book Review For Andrew Murray’s “God’s Will: Our Dwelling Place”

I just finished a great book that has changed my perspective on doing and finding God’s will. The book is called “God’s Will: Our Dwelling Place”, by Andrew Murray. Though it was written by a Lightbearer that lived in the 1800s, this gem has a lot of Biblical teachings that will make you think.

One of the things I have learned while reading this book is that God’s will encompasses everything in life. We should seek what He wants in both the big and little things that come our way. God’s will can even be found in the ordinary duties that we must perform every day. Meditate on that and anything that needs to be done can become a pleasure.

Knowing God’s will requires surrender. We need to reach the place where we are willing to let God have full control of us in order to experience the sweetness of living in His will day after day. This is the hardest step to take but we can do it if we ask for His help in prayer.

These two lessons are one of the many truths that are in this book.

What’s best about “God’s Will: Our Dwelling Place” is that it is updated in today’s language. Nothing is taken away or minimized. It is edited so that anyone can understand the important biblical truths that are in it.

This book is an excellent resource for Lightbearers who want a better understanding of God’s will. It is a treasure that can be cherished and shared with others.



Click on the book to purchase it at!


Free E-Books

These books will lead you into a better understanding of the Good King, Jesus and His everlasting ways. May the Good King, Jesus bless you as you savor the reading material below.

“Christ’s Human Nature” Joe Crews—

“Is It Easier To Be Saved Or Lost?”, Joe Crews— (This book is a great encouragement for those who are concerned about their salvation!)

“Teach Us To Pray”, Doug Batchelor—

“The Ultimate Resource”, Doug Batchelor—

“Is It Possible To Live Without Sinning?”, Joe Crews—

“The Necessity Of Prayer, E.M. Bounds—

“The Master’s Indwelling”, Andrew Murray—

“Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners”, John Bunyan—

Awesome Books To Encourage Your Light To Shine!

“Morning By Morning”, Charles Spurgeon–This book features one minute devotions by the Prince of Preachers, Charles H. Spurgeon. The devotional entries may be very short but the messages are HUGE and will stay with you throughout the year!

“Steps To Christ”, Ellen White–If you have a desire to draw closer to our wonderful Good King, Jesus Christ, this book tells you how. Filled with encouragements and verses from the Holy Word, “Steps To Christ” will bless you in your relationship with His Majesty.

“Renewed Day By Day”, A.W. Tozer–This book of daily devotionals will strengthen your desire to keep on sharing the Light of the Good King’s Truth with others. Power packed messages!

“Morning And Evening”, Charles Spurgeon–Another great devotional by the Prince of Preachers! Thought provoking messages to meditate on for both morning and evening.

So check out these books! You will never be the same in your calling as a Lightbearer and in your relationship with the Good King!