Corrie Ten Boom’s Story

Listen to how God was with Corrie Ten Boom, and helped her to be a shining light when she and her sister were taken to one of the darkest places of all: the German concentration camp.

No matter how dark and dire your life is the Good King will be with you, and if you hold on tightly to His hand in trust He will use you to bless others where you are.



Friends In The Coop

Barbara Johnson was a Lightbearer who went through a lot of problems and trials. The Good King was very close to her and showed her how she could still be joyful and trusting when life threw its punches at her. Here’s an experience she shared from her book “Laughter From Heaven” when she was suffering from health problems:

Consider what happened during one of my stays in the hospital: I was in my room, talking on the phone with someone, when a ruckus of muffled giggling and cackling came from the hall. The sound grew louder and suddenly in my doorway stood three…well, I wasn’t sure what they were, but they sounded familiar…

“I’ve gotta go,” I told the caller. “There are three people wearing chicken costumes here.”

The chickens looked at me, and I looked at the chickens–and we all burst out laughing. It was three of my friends, of course, who had conspired to bring me a gift that was far better than the traditional hospital visitors’ tokens of flowers, cards, or candy. They brought me the gift of laughter!

What a happy sound that was bouncing off the walls of that otherwise dismal hospital room. Then they serenaded me with a special rendition of “I’ll Fly This Coop” (to the tune of “I’ll Fly Away”).

Can you see why I think of my friends as eccentric angels? No matter what crisis I’m enduring at the moment, they help me keep a joyful, heavenly perspective so I can laugh at my current problems, knowing a glorious, pain-free, laughter-filled life awaits me in eternity.

From pg. 40.

God has given us people to support us during our hard times. We may have moments when we feel that no one cares about us and that we are alone. But it is during those moments that God gives us the friends or family we need. And He will also give us Himself. He is the Best Friend you can depend on for help and support!




“The Greatest Reward”

Here’s an inspiring story told by a teenage girl:


It was one of those open house parties–teens smoking and getting drunk. Being a Christian, I knew I probably shouldn’t be there. I had a little voice at the back of my head telling me to get out of there, and fast, but I stayed anyway.

It wasn’t long before I was offered alcohol. Suddenly the voice inside my head became much louder, and I simply said, “No thanks.”

“Oh, don’t be such a baby, Melissa,” said Rachel, my best friend. “Just have a little; it won’t kill you.”

“Yeah, Melissa, you chicken,” said someone in the crowd of people.

It hurt me to hear my best friend trying to make me feel so small and trying to make me do things that were totally against my beliefs. I thought they were against her beliefs, too.

“Rachel, I said no thanks!” I was trying hard to stop myself from crying.

Just then from the back of the room I heard someone start to chant, “Chicken, chicken, chicken,” and then the whole room sort of caught on and everyone started chanting. I so badly wanted the floor to swallow me up and the chanting to stop.

“Come on, Melissa,” Rachel said, “Just take a little; it’s that easy.”

It’s that easy. Hey, I thought, well maybe it is for you and the rest of the people in this room, but not for me.

“Melissa, why don’t you just take a drink?”

“Well, because…because…” I hesitated. “Because I’m a Christian!” I blurted out the words before I could stop myself. Then I burst into tears.

The whole room was silent, and all of a sudden they started laughing at me. I didn’t know what to do, and I was crying uncontrollably. I ran out of that house as fast as I could, barely seeing where I was going. I wanted to run far, far away and never come back.

I suddenly felt very angry. How could you let this happen to me, God? There I was standing up for You and what I believe in, and this is what I get in return. I think You must have made some mistake here.

After a very long Monday of feeling sorry for myself, I was walking through the now empty school hallway when a girl came up to me and said, “Hi.” I was quite surprised, since I remembered she was at the party and witnessed the whole thing.

“I’ve been looking for you the whole day,” she said.

“Really?” I asked. “Why?”

“Well, I know that what happened to you at the party on Saturday night is not something you want to talk about again, but I’m not here to laugh at you, but simply to tell you how much I respect you for what you did. You were such an inspiration to me. I never could have done what you did. You stood up for what you believed and never gave in to temptation, no matter what price you had to pay for it. You, Melissa, are a true Christian, and I hope we can become better friends.”

I remember that day as if it were yesterday. Sarah and I have been close friends ever since. I wouldn’t have wanted that night to happen any other way. Even if this wasn’t the reward I had wanted from God in the beginning, this is the only reward I want now. Making a difference in somebody else’s life is the greatest reward you could ever ask for.

From “Stories For A Teen’s Heart Book 3”, pgs. 117-118

The “Hole” Truth!

I found this funny story from the book “Determining The Will Of God”, by Doug Batchelor.

God will often permit you to do something that is not His will because you’re pushing for it. It’s like an overweight man at the office who says, “I’m going on a diet; I’m giving up donuts!” But the next day, he shows up with a big box of them. His co-workers ask, “Wait! We thought you swore off donuts!” He replies, “Well, it was God’s will that I get these donuts. You see, before I left for work, I drove by the donut shop. That place is always packed, and it’s hard to find a parking place. So I said, ‘Lord, if there is a parking place right in front of the door, then I’ll know it’s your will for me to get some donuts.’ And you know, I only had to drive around the block 10 times for a parking space to open up. I knew it was God’s will!”


May this remind us to not push for our own way, even if it’s something sweet and tasty. Let’s practice being honest before God when we ask for whatever His will is. You can’t “fudge” the truth before the Almighty.


Picture is from Google Images


“The Monkey Deal”

Here’s a funny story for both children and adults about a monkey that drove a poor woman “bananas.” This humorous tale is from “Eye Openers: Junior Devotional”, by Jim Feldbush, Nancy Beck Irland, and Carolyn Rathbun-Sutton, pg. 13

“Oh, what a sweet little thing!” I exclaimed.

“Nice monkey,” said the smiling Zairian man at the back door. “I’ll sell him to you–cheap.”

Why does he want to make me such a great deal? I wondered. I started to say no, but hesitated.

“OK, you take him–free! Bye!” And he was gone, and the monkey was now in my arms.

Wow! I owned an exotic pet–free. Too good to be true!

I’ll cuddle the monkey for a couple days, I thought, and then humanely release him back into the jungle. His tiny hands grasped my wrists, and his little head pushed against my stomach, and–

Uh-oh! Its owner hadn’t told me the little creature wasn’t house-trained! I tried to set the monkey down so I could clean things up, but he clasped my ankle like a wraparound magnet.

Ouch! The previous owner hadn’t told me the monkey was a biter, either! I limped into the kitchen for a cleanup rag.

Sighting Missy, our kitten, the monkey screamed, unsuctioned himself from my ankle, and pounced. Then, quick as lightening, the monkey flew onto the counter, slurped up a bowl of pablum I was cooling for the baby, and dived through the pantry door. There he planted himself on a stalk of bananas. Between bites he continued screeching while I ducked the banana peels he slung through the doorway.

Yep! My slight hesitation to say no to the monkey’s owner had left me with a big problem on my hands. The man at the back door had lied to me. For sure, this was no “nice monkey.”

Satan is constantly knocking at our back doors with “cuddly” temptations. But staying close to our truthful Saviour will give us the wisdom to know a lie when we hear it, see it, or feel it–and to stay away from the devil’s “monkey” deals that are always too good to be true.



Picture is from Google Images.