“The Truth About Angels”

Would you like to know what angels are like and what they do? Check out this article and be amazed at the things you will discover about these powerful beings.



“The Purpose Of Prophecy”

When I was a baby Christian I always thought that the prophecies of the Bible were scary and wondered why God would put such scary things in His Word. But then I read this article and found out why God gave us the prophecies. Click on the magazine cover to discover what I have discovered.


“The Power Of Forgiveness”

In this issue of “Amazing Facts Inside Report” magazine, you will read a parable that Jesus told about a servant who was forgiven of a large sum of money that he owed a king, but couldn’t forgive a fellow servant who owed him a small amount of money in return. If you are having trouble forgiving someone who has wronged you and would like the offender to get what they deserve, check out this article and let God heal you of your hurts.