“The Lord’s Prayer”

Hi kids! Did you know that the Good King taught us how to pray? Check out the video below to learn what this prayer is!

You can read this prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 in your Bible.

Remember Jesus is your Friend and He loves you very much!


“The Story Keepers: Captured!” (Episode 8)

Hello kids!

Uh, oh! It looks like Cyrus is in trouble! He’s been captured by a wealthy merchant. But when the merchant treats him like a star instead of a slave in his mansion, Cyrus wants to stay and to keep on enjoying the rich life that has been given to him. Will the love of Jesus and his friends help him to change his mind? Watch and see!

Bible Adventures: “Seventy Times Seven”

Hello kids!

Are you ready for your first Bible Adventure? Then let’s go listen to the Good King as He tells a story about forgiveness.

Think of someone who needs your forgiveness. Ask God to help you to be able to forgive that person.

Next Saturday we will have another adventure in the Bible!