The Wise Builder And The Foolish Builder

Hi kids! In the Holy Word the Good King told a story about two men who were building houses. One built his house on a rock and one decided to take the easy way by building his house on the sand. Which house do you think will stand?

By spending time with the Good King in prayer, reading the Bible, and obeying what He says, you will be strong when troubles come. Build your house on Jesus, who is the Rock that can never be moved.

Do you want to read the story of the wise builder and the foolish builder? You can find it in Matthew 7:24-27 in your Bible.



“The Lord’s Prayer”

Hi kids! Did you know that the Good King taught us how to pray? Check out the video below to learn what this prayer is!

You can read this prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 in your Bible.

Remember Jesus is your Friend and He loves you very much!