The “Hole” Truth!

I found this funny story from the book “Determining The Will Of God”, by Doug Batchelor.

God will often permit you to do something that is not His will because you’re pushing for it. It’s like an overweight man at the office who says, “I’m going on a diet; I’m giving up donuts!” But the next day, he shows up with a big box of them. His co-workers ask, “Wait! We thought you swore off donuts!” He replies, “Well, it was God’s will that I get these donuts. You see, before I left for work, I drove by the donut shop. That place is always packed, and it’s hard to find a parking place. So I said, ‘Lord, if there is a parking place right in front of the door, then I’ll know it’s your will for me to get some donuts.’ And you know, I only had to drive around the block 10 times for a parking space to open up. I knew it was God’s will!”


May this remind us to not push for our own way, even if it’s something sweet and tasty. Let’s practice being honest before God when we ask for whatever His will is. You can’t “fudge” the truth before the Almighty.


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“Bed In The Bathtub”, Uncle Author’s Stories

Boys and girls,

Would you like to hear a story about a brother and a sister who thought they could sleep in the bathtub for one night? You would! Well listen to this…

It was bedtime. First of all Mamma tucked Ada into her crib and kissed her good night. Then she put five-year-old Alvin into his bed and kissed him good night.

“Go to sleep, darlings,” she said. “I shall be going out for a few minutes, but don’t worry. I’ll be back in a little while. Just be good and go to sleep.”

Closing the door softly, Mamma went downstairs.

Ada was asleep in a moment. But Alvin stayed awake. He didn’t feel like sleeping. He thought he had been put to bed too soon, and began to think what he could do to amuse himself.

After a while he got out of bed and wandered around the room, looking out of the windows. The house seemed very quiet. He guessed Mamma had gone out already.

Then he went into the bathroom. And it was here that he got one of those strange ideas such as only five-year-olds are likely to think of.

“Why shouldn’t I sleep in the bathtub instead of in my bed tonight?” he said to himself. “I think it would be fun. Maybe Ada would like to sleep there too.”

No sooner had he thought about it than he started to take the bedclothes off his bed and put them in the bathtub. He tried to take the mattress too, but it was too heavy. But he took his pillow, and Ada’s pillow.

This, of course, woke Ada up. She cried a little at first, but he soon made her laugh by telling her what he planned to do with the pillows.

“We’re going to sleep in the bathtub!” he said. “Won’t that be fun?”

Ada thought that maybe it would be fun she laughed and began to climb out of her crib. Alvin helped her to the floor. Then the two of them carried Ada’s bedclothes out of the crib and put them in the bathtub too. Alvin straightened them all out as well as he could, putting his pillow at one end and Ada’s at the other.

By this time they were both so excited that they had no more thought of sleeping. Instead, they romped about, shouting at the top of their voices.

Suddenly Alvin slipped and fell against one of the faucets. He didn’t hurt himself, but water began to flow into the bathtub. He thought it was very funny. So did Ada.

As it was an accident, they thought it couldn’t be worse if they turned on both faucets. Soon both hot and cold water were pouring down upon their blankets, sheets, and pillows.

Shrieking with laughter, they jumped up and down upon the soggy bedclothes. But not for long.

Suddenly the bathroom door opened and there was Mamma! They had been making so much noise they hadn’t even heard her come upstairs.

Just what happened next, I leave you to imagine. But someone who saw it all told me that Alvin and Ada learned a lesson that evening they will not forget for a long, long time. Certainly they won’t make their bed in the bathtub again!

So kids, after hearing this story, I have a question for you: Which one of these do you go to sleep in?

Is it this?


Or is it this?