“Remember Lot’s Wife” Part One, Joe Crews

A powerful message about Lot’s wife and the horrible decision she made when she had to choose between her worldly possessions or God.


“Absent From The Body”

What happens to people when they die? What did Paul mean when he said “absent from the body is to be present with the Lord”? This book explains these things with scriptural evidence on the truth about death. There may be things in the Bible about this subject that you have never heard of before, so ask for the Holy Spirit’s guidance in prayer before you read this book.


“Joe Crews Classic Radio Sermons”

These short sermons are uplifting, inspiring, and meaty to the soul. This Lightbearer was not afraid to share the truths he found in the Bible, even when they were not very popular in his time. He sought to lead to people to Jesus and to show them how they could be better disciples in His Name. May you be blessed as you listen to these messages.