Friends In The Coop

Barbara Johnson was a Lightbearer who went through a lot of problems and trials. The Good King was very close to her and showed her how she could still be joyful and trusting when life threw its punches at her. Here’s an experience she shared from her book “Laughter From Heaven” when she was suffering from health problems:

Consider what happened during one of my stays in the hospital: I was in my room, talking on the phone with someone, when a ruckus of muffled giggling and cackling came from the hall. The sound grew louder and suddenly in my doorway stood three…well, I wasn’t sure what they were, but they sounded familiar…

“I’ve gotta go,” I told the caller. “There are three people wearing chicken costumes here.”

The chickens looked at me, and I looked at the chickens–and we all burst out laughing. It was three of my friends, of course, who had conspired to bring me a gift that was far better than the traditional hospital visitors’ tokens of flowers, cards, or candy. They brought me the gift of laughter!

What a happy sound that was bouncing off the walls of that otherwise dismal hospital room. Then they serenaded me with a special rendition of “I’ll Fly This Coop” (to the tune of “I’ll Fly Away”).

Can you see why I think of my friends as eccentric angels? No matter what crisis I’m enduring at the moment, they help me keep a joyful, heavenly perspective so I can laugh at my current problems, knowing a glorious, pain-free, laughter-filled life awaits me in eternity.

From pg. 40.

God has given us people to support us during our hard times. We may have moments when we feel that no one cares about us and that we are alone. But it is during those moments that God gives us the friends or family we need. And He will also give us Himself. He is the Best Friend you can depend on for help and support!