A Huge Blessing!

Hello friends,

This is Lightbearer4truth. I would like to tell you about an app that I have downloaded and that is proven to be a huge blessing for me. It’s called “Scripture Singer” and it has Bible memory verses and encouraging quotes in song. It’s such an enjoyment to listen to God’s Word and memorize it by singing it. “Scripture Singer” is helping me to keep my focus on Jesus Christ, and to smile when I have days when I’m feeling down. I would highly encourage you to check out scripturesinger.com/scripturesinger and if you are satisfied with what you hear to download the app for your phone or tablet. You will have the Light of Truth with you wherever you go and best of all you will have it stored in your heart so that others can be blessed.

Keep shining!


“Janice’s Attic: God’s Amazing Power” (Episode 19)

Hello boys and girls!

Our friend, Janice is going to try to make a banana. Hmmm… I wonder how it’s going to taste when she’s done? Do you think she can make a banana? After her experiment she will teach you about God’s amazing power in the things He has made. Then she will share the last part of the exciting story “The Secret Of The Cave.” I wonder how that’s going to end?

This is the last episode. I hope you had fun visiting Janice in her attic. Remember this kids, Jesus loves you very much!