Being Perfect

This bible study is about forgiving those who hurt you. If you are finding it difficult to forgive someone right now, don’t be discouraged. Learn from this lesson on how to receive power to forgive others.

Being Perfect

Bible lessons are from “Real Time Faith” study guides.


“Yeah, Right”

Read Exodus 7: 14-11:10

“Zack is a major jerk. He’s always pickin’ on me and trying to embarrass me in front of the other guys.” Matt complained. When Mom suggested that Matt pray for Zack, his response was, “Yeah right. Like a creep like Zack would care what God thinks.”

God can make Himself heard.

When God told Moses to lead the Israelites out of slavery and the Egyptian king got in the way, God made the king listen. It took ten terrible events, but the king finally realized God had the most power. Never underestimate God’s power to make Himself heard.

What About You?

* Do you know someone you think would “never listen to God? Who?

* Do you listen to God? Do you do what you know He wants you to do?

Talkin’ About It

Ask God to help you remember how important it is to listen to Him and obey Him. If you have a Zack in your life, pray for him.

Hallelujah! Salvation, glory, and power belong to our God.                                                  Revelation 19:1 God’s Word Translation

From “Life Is A Meatloaf Sandwich!: A Devotional For Early Teens”, by Carolyn Larsen, pg. 24




It’s All In The Book!

Do you want answers to questions in your life? Are you tired of searching high and low for what will make you happy? There is a Book that has all of the answers that you need in this ever changing world. The answers are true and they never change. And the best part is you will discover Someone who can give you a satisfying and fulfilling life. This Book is called the Bible. Check it out and see what you will find!

“Will God Help Little ‘Ole Me?”

Read Exodus 4: 1-5

Brian felt sick to his stomach. Today was his first speech in speech class. Standing up in front of the class was not his favorite thing to do. Brian asked God to help him, but he didn’t feel much better. Maybe a speech is too little a thing for God to care about, he thought. Maybe He only helps with big things.

God cares about anything that is important to you.

Do you need an example? God told Moses to be a leader. But Moses was a little scared about how the people would feel about him. God turned a stick into a snake right in front of Moses. That showed Moses in no uncertain terms that he was not going to be alone. God asked Moses to do a job and by His power the people would follow Moses.

What About You?

* When has God helped you do something hard?

* Is there something you need to ask His help with right now? What?

Talkin’ About It

It’s OK to tell God when you are afraid. It’s even OK to tell Him that you don’t really fell His presence with you all the time. Ask Him for help to do hard things and to remind you of how He has helped in the past.

The LORD will give power to His people. Psalm 29:11 God’s Word Translation

From “Life Is A Meatloaf Sandwich!: A Devotional For Early Teens”, by Carolyn Larsen, pg. 23