“Karen The Lightbearer: The Story Behind The Story”

I’m an aspiring Christian author. I love to write about Jesus, the Bible, and the Christian life. I would like to share with you on how the “Karen The Lightbearer” stories came to be.

The idea of a Lightbearer came to me when I was reading a book by a Christian woman who lived in the late 1800s. She said many times that Christians are Lightbearers who are called to share the Light of Truth (God’s ways that are found in the Bible), which makes their mission extremely important in leading the lost to Jesus Christ.

I took those ideas and formed them into a book about a teenage girl named Karen who once loved the things of the world until she started to feel that there was more out there than meets the eye. Her soul goes through a real hunger and she can’t pin point what it is, that is until she finds a copy of the Holy Word outside. As she reads this Book she learns about the Good King and His home called Heaven. She learns beforehand that she is called to be a Lightbearer, which is a call that is new and strange to her. What is a Lightbearer anyway? During her Holy Word readings and prayer times she finally understands, and is more than ready to obey the call. Her mother encourages her on her desire but her father is totally against it. Karen has to decide between obeying the Good King or her father. It’s not an easy decision for her. She finally decides to follow the Good King and leaves her home to start on the adventures that Heaven has in store for her.

This illustration shows that the people that Jesus calls to be His followers are not perfect. They once loved the world and took part in its pleasures, until they start longing for something that is better than what they can see. Like Karen they find what they are looking for in the Holy Word and in prayer. The Light of Truth transforms them and eventually they are ready to serve the One who gave His life for them. This doesn’t happen immediately. It takes time for the natural man to be submissive to the Good King and to His ways.

When a person decides to be a Christian there will sometimes be conflict in the family. Some will agree to the call and some will be one hundred percent against it. It is a hard and painful trial for the one who loves his/her family, but at the same time wants to follow Jesus completely. But when they make the decision to obey no matter what the cost, God will bless them and make their experience sweet with His presence.

Now let’s move on to the second main character, Edward (Eddy) Matthews the Small Faith Person. The idea of portraying small faith as a little person came to me during my bible research and prayer. As I read the verses of how faith is the size of a mustard seed and where Jesus said, “Oh you of little faith” to those who had trouble trusting in Him; a picture of a little man with faith as big as himself entered my mind. Eddy believes in the Good King but his many fears keep him in constant dread and turmoil. He is of a race of little people who live in a place called Small Faith, which ended up being brutally attacked by the Natives of Doubt. When we constantly hold on to our small faith and have trouble seeing Jesus, it is possible for doubt to come in and capture us. Eddy by the grace of the Good King, escapes from the wicked natives and finds himself alone and afraid in a big world. But the Good King is with him and leads him to Karen, who becomes his close friend and companion. They share many adventures together and learn through their experiences the power of the Good King’s Light of Truth and prayer.

Now those who have taken the call to be Lightbearers have an adversary to contend with. That fiend is Satan, who deceives the whole world with his cunning deceptions. He truly is the Master of Darkness, and he works with all of his might to lead people away from the Good King and from Heaven. Since he is a defeated foe and destined to die when the Good King returns, his main goal is to take as many humans as he can with him. But the Good King, through His Lightbearers, saves all who want to be saved from the demon’s dark grip. Satan tries to stop the Lightbearers from sharing the Truth with others but he doesn’t succeed, for Jesus is stronger and mightier than he is. He always wins His battles!

And that is the story behind “Karen The Lightbearer.” As you read the e-book and the short stories that are featured on this blog, I pray that you will learn more about Jesus and make the decision to be His Lightbearer wherever you are and in whatever you do.