A Lesson About Small Faith People

In the e-book, “Karen the Lightbearer”, Karen meets a timid little man named Edward Matthews. Eddy is a Small Faith Person who wants to believe His Master more so that he no longer becomes so fearful all the time. Karen is very patient with him and helps him through his moments of doubt and fear by sharing with him promises from the Holy Word. These promises help Eddy and he begins to grow stronger in faith by the Good King’s grace.

How many of us are like Eddy the Small Faith Person? When trials or troubles come our way the very first thing we do is show fear and doubt. We know that God loves us but we wonder if He will or can pull us through our difficulty. We feel ashamed of our unbelief and we ask God to forgive us and to help us be able to trust in Him more. But in time we soon fall into the same trap again. It can be very discouraging and we may wonder if God is upset with us for our very small timid faith.

Then God in His great mercy, leads us to someone who can help us by sharing with us promises from the Bible that He can use to strengthen our faith. If we believe the promises and accept them we will discover to our great joy that our faith is growing. It takes time for the mustard seed like faith to grow into a tree, but it is worth the waiting. God makes the tree to grow in His time. He also turns the obstacles of our faith into hurdles and soon we become experts at jumping over them by His grace.

God can use people who have very small faith because they are humble and self-distrusting. They don’t trust in themselves to do what is right, for they have failed when they looked to themselves for the power to overcome. God wants to divert their attention from their weak selves to His Almighty Power that is in Him alone. As these people learn to look to Him daily and start trusting completely in Him, God turns them from the fearful creatures they were into great Lightbearers for His cause.

If we know someone who is a Small Faith Person spiritually, may God give us the patience and love to lead the trembling soul to Him through the sharing of His Holy Word. And may we not forget to pray for that individual, for sincere prayer can accomplish a lot for someone in need. And if we ourselves are also very small in our faith, may God help us to be patient with ourselves and to accept the help that He wants to give us, so that our faith may grow in the Good King, Jesus.