“Karen The Lightbearer” Character Profiles (Updated)

Karen The Lightbearer

Age: 17

Karen is a teenage girl who is chosen by the Good King to be His Lightbearer in the world. She loves the Truth and has a great desire to show everyone its purity and beauty. Her hope is that many more will accept the Good King and live in Heaven, a glorious paradise, with Him forever.

Edward (Eddy) Matthews The Small Faith Person

Age: 22

Eddy is a little man who escaped from the Natives of Doubt when they attacked his home, Small Faith. He was once very timid and fearful until the Good King strengthened his very small faith. He is also now a Lightbearer and shares the Light of Truth with others. He sees Karen as a sister and cherishes his friendship with her.

Sloppy Joe

Age: 40

Sloppy Joe is a kindhearted rotund motel owner who once lived by his given name. He is a good friend of the two Lightbearers and sometimes shows his humorous side. He was once into games like “Magic and Mysticism” and “The Communication Board”, until the Good King showed him that those things were dangerous. Before that, the Good King saved him from certain death when he was dwelling in Merciville through Karen, who was sent to the place to show the dwellers there the Light of His Truth. Sloppy Joe is very grateful to the Good King and to Karen, His chosen instrument.


Age: 33


Age: 32


Age: 30

These three brothers were once trouble makers, who caused tension and problems wherever they went. Their discordant, dishonest, and distrustful ways made people hate them extremely. The brothers despised all people, but the ones they despised the most were those who believed in the Good King. Their lives soon change when they steal a Lantern from a certain Small Faith Person.

The Good King

No Age

The Creator of all that is and will be. The Good King has existed from eternity and loves mankind deeply. Many years ago, He came to the World to save humans from the evil Master of Darkness and his minions. Though He went through great pain and sorrow in His mission, He won in the end. Because of His unselfish act, those who live in the World have a chance to become a part of His Kingdom by accepting Him as their Lord and Savior. He sends Lightbearers to tell everyone about His story and how much He wants them to be with Him forever.

The Master of Darkness

No Age

He was once a loyal angel to the Good King in Heaven, until he became jealous of His power and wished to be greater than He. He deceived one-third of the angels to join his side in what became known as The Great Rebellion. The Good King had to banish him and his followers from His Kingdom, lest more chaos came into the heavenly realm. The pride and selfishness that were in this angel brought darkness to his soul; hence he became known as the Master of Darkness. He is now pure evil, and he HATES humans with a passion! The angels that joined him also became dark and evil. They will work with their leader to bring great sadness to the Good King by taking as many people as they can to eternal death.