“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part 6

When news reached Billy in the slave quarters on what happened to Sally, anger arose in his little heart. If only he was there to protect his dear friend. He then realized with sadness that there was no way he could have saved her from the queen. His lips trembled when he thought of sweet Sally being thrown into the tiger den. Those ferocious beasts pouncing on her and eating her until there was nothing left. Billy wailed and pounded his fists on the wall.

“Why, Your Majesty? Why her? Why did You allow this to happen? She’s my best friend! I can’t bear this! I can’t! Don’t You care? Are You really in control of our situation?”

The other slaves in the room saw his turmoil. Billy had been strong in his faith, but this terrible tragedy seemed to have shatter it. They were now totally convinced that the Good King had left them to die in their slavery.

Billy’s wailing was so loud that the women in their slave quarters heard him, and so did the two guards who were on duty. They entered the room with their spears in hand and commanded in deep voices:

“Shut up! You’re making a lot of noise!”

Billy was so heart broken and angry that he turned to the guards and remarked, “I just lost someone that I care about very much! Can’t I grieve without being pushed around?”

The guards growled at his reply. But seeing how much he was suffering they decided to leave him be. But they would report this disrespect to the chief once they saw him.

When the door closed behind them, Billy stopped pounding on the wall. After wailing a few more times he then collapsed on the floor and wept bitterly.


The Master of Darkness was happy to see the Small Faith People lose their trust in the Good King. Both the men and women were now doubting Him. Now it would be totally useless for Karen and Eddy to help them. The Natives of Doubt totally owned them and as long as they no longer believed the Most High couldn’t free them from their slavery.

“Hahahahaha! Who’s the winner now? You couldn’t stop me in this one!” he exclaimed jubilantly as he looked up into Heaven.

He then called for his helpers. In a matter of seconds all the fallen angels that joined him in the Great Rebellion appeared.

“I have the Small Faith People in my power. There’s no way that the Most High can succeed in His mission through His two Lightbearers. When that teenage girl and little man come we will get them too.” Then he announced defiantly, “Today is a victorious day for the Forces of Evil! Let all Lightbearers and would be Lightbearers of the Most High know about it!”

The demons cheered.

In the distance they could see two Lights coming their way.

“And now the really fun part begins!” said their wicked leader.

To Be Continued.




“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part 5

“Can’t you do anything right little one!?” a tall woman shouted as she threw a shoe at Sally. “This is the worst job I have ever seen! Look at it! You expect our fighting men to wear shoes like this!?”

Sally hung her head down. She was one of the slaves who was excellent at mending footwear. She was thinking so much about freedom that she had accidently sewn the shoe in a lopsided way that it ended up looking worse than before. “I’m so sorry,” she said meekly. But the tall woman would not accept her apology. She picked up the shoe from the floor and started to beat Sally with it.

“Ow! Ow! Stop! Please!” Sally cried as the shoe came down on her head hard.

The other little women stopped working and watched. They felt bad for Sally but they couldn’t do anything. As the beating went on and poor Sally started to bleed, one of them finally spoke:

“Stop! You’ll kill her!”

The tall woman gazed angrily at the onlookers. “Get back to your mending! No one tells me what to do!”

The little women timidly went back to their work.

Sally lifted her head up and prayed, “King Jesus, save me!” Then she collapsed on the floor. The tall woman tried to wake her up but to no avail. Not wanting to lose a good slave she felt her pulse. Her heart was still beating. She called to one of the guards that was standing by. When he came to her she said, “Put her in the sick room. See to it that she gets better. And make sure my husband does not know about this. I can’t stand the thought of such a good slave being fed to his pet tigers.”

The guard bowed and picked up Sally. He then carried her out of the room and walked down the hallway.

The little women saw Sally being taken away and they feared that they would never see her again. As they continued working they talked quietly among each other:

“Someone should tell Billy about this.”

“What good would that do? He can’t save her from the fate that awaits her.”

“But he should know. He and Sally are very best friends.”

“I hope the Good King will save us soon.”

The tall woman heard them. “Shut your mouths!” she commanded.

The little women stopped talking. They went on mending shoes and clothing without saying another word.


In the sick room Sally was awakened by a bright being that came to her. Realizing that she was in the presence of an angel from Heaven she trembled. But the angel gently touched her bleeding head and said in a beautiful musical voice, “Don’t be afraid. I am here to help you. The freedom of Small Faith is very near. His Majesty is sending two Lightbearers that carry the Light Of His Truth. You, Billy, and all of your people will leave this cave and will return to your home.”

“But our home is destroyed. How can we possibly live there again?” Sally asked the angel.

“Keep on having faith and you will see the power of the Good King.”

The angel then disappeared.

Tears of joy flowed from Sally’s eyes. She folded her hands and prayed:

“Thank you, Your Majesty. We truly are going to be free.”

To Be Continued



“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Four

The Path seemed a lot longer than usual for Karen and Eddy. But instead of despairing they realized that the Good King purposely made it longer so that they could better prepare themselves for the new mission that was before them. They knew that the Natives Of Doubt were dangerous and would not willingly give up the Small Faith People. They wanted their faith to be strong so that they would be bold as lions in the midst of the evil giants. They didn’t want to give into fear and retreat from what the Good King wanted to do through them. With a feeling of deep need for His help they took time in their journey to pray and to gaze at His promises from their Lanterns. When they felt more strength was given to them they walked on the Path.

The Master of Darkness pursued them invisibly. He gritted his teeth at the thought of the Most High succeeding in freeing the Small Faith People from his servants. He knew that all his efforts to fight against Him were in vain. He tried to win the war in Heaven and lost; he tried to defeat the Most High’s purposes in the Ancient Times and lost; he tried his utmost to defeat the Good King when He came to the world as a human, and lost big time; he tried to destroy the church and lost; he had tried numerous times to upset the plans of Heaven for lost sinners and lost. He had lost in everything! A rational being would have surrendered but not he. He was bound and determined to prove that he was greater than the Good King and that eventually he would win.

“Hopefully, I will be permitted to kill the Lightbearers this time. Their heavenly characteristics are making me sick!” he muttered.

Karen and Eddy sensed that the foe was on their tail. They knew that it would be a matter of time before he attacked them again. And as always, they would be ready for him as long as the Good King was with them. Soon a bright shining angel from Heaven appeared to them. He had a rolled up golden scroll in his hand. He came up to the Lightbearers and gave them the scroll.

“The Small Faith People need to be strong when the Good King works His deliverance. When you reach them, give this scroll to Billy. He will use it to strengthen his faith and the faith of his fellow captives. The Forces Of Evil will strive to thwart His Majesty’s plan in releasing His people but take courage, for nothing can defeat or upset His purposes.”

After the Lightbearers received the scroll the angel smiled at them and disappeared before their eyes.

Eddy then spoke to Karen. “I strongly sense in my spirit that my people need more prayers right now. I know this feeling is from the Holy Spirit. Let’s stop where we are on the Path and pray to His Majesty for them.”

Karen and Eddy both knelt down and lifted up the Small Faith People to the Good King again in prayer. They asked Him to help them hold tightly to their faith and to not let the Master of Darkness take it away from them.

The wicked demon covered his ears and fled from them. Whenever the Most High was called upon he didn’t want to stick around. He knew that the Good King was more powerful than him and when anyone prayed in His Name His presence would be with them.

Karen and Eddy prayed as long as the Holy Spirit impressed them. When they were done they arose and walked again. Seeing that their praying time was over, the Master of Darkness continued to pursue them, but this time at a safe distance. The Light that was surrounding them was blinding for him.

To Be Continued.




“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Three

Much Cruel jolted awake in his bed. His eyes were widened in fear and his head was sweating. When he realized that he just had a dream he rubbed his eyes and laid his head back down on the pillow and thought about it.This one seemed a lot worse to him than the one he had the night before. The two lights were in it again but this time they were right before him. They were brighter than ever and the brightness had a power that seemed to penetrate his very soul. He felt that his whole being was burning up from the purity of the lights. When he couldn’t endure it any longer he quickly woke up.

“I wish I could get those two lights out of my head,” he mumbled.

Since he couldn’t go back to sleep he called for his record keeper to read to him. Perhaps hearing about his past victories would boost his courage and help him to get back to sleep. He smiled as he listened to the accounts. Why was he afraid of two measly lights? He was the chief of the Natives of Doubt! No one was able to stand against this tribe! For many years they had won wars and made cities fall to their knees before them. Nothing and no one was able to stop them! If the bearers of the light should confront him he would overcome them and make them food for his pet tigers. With his mind at ease he went to sleep as the record keeper kept on reading the accounts.


In the slave quarters the Small Faith people secretly held a memorial for the poor old man that was killed. The men and women joined together to pay respect for their fallen brother. They sang their freedom song that they have written together during their very small amounts of free time that the Natives of Doubt gave to them.


Though our hearts are heavy and our burdens are too hard to bear

We remember that our King will still love and care

For all of His creation, even the children of men

Though we have many trials and sorrows we will cling to His hand

Though enemies persecute us and our will try to bend

Though they kill us to make us fear

We know that our King is still with us and is very near

We believe that very soon we will be free again

Master, make Small Faith free again


After their song they bowed their heads and had a moment of silence. But a disgruntled Small Faith Person broke it by grumbling:

“What’s the use of hoping for freedom? We’ll never be delivered from this bondage.”

Everyone turned their heads to the one who spoke. It was Benjamin. He was another elderly man but he wasn’t as old as the one that perished. He still had strength in him and his voice though shaky was strong. He used to be so full of happiness but being in slavery had made him gruff and skeptical. He continued to speak:

“We have labored so long for these Natives of Doubt. We have suffered ill treatment and now a friend of ours is dead by their evil hand. I think the only way we will be free is when we all die.”

Billy didn’t like to see a fellow Small Faith Person have a doubtful mind. He answered him, “We will be free, Ben. The Good King would never leave His servants at the hands of their enemies. Think about what He has said in the Holy Word. He has promised that He will help those who are in distress numerous times.”

Ben turned away. “The Good King has left us. If He were still with us He wouldn’t have let our home be destroyed and us taken to this dreadful place. He wouldn’t have allowed our children to be taken away from us and trained by our enemies to be like them. We have been forsaken.”

“No we haven’t! Even though we have to go through this terrible trial He is still with us. We must keep holding on to our faith. We can’t let the Natives of Doubt crush us.” Billy persisted.

A young woman spoke up. “I have to agree with Ben. They took my only son away from me. It breaks my heart to think that he is now going to be a heartless warrior just like they are. Let’s face it friends, the Master doesn’t love us anymore. He may be with everyone else but He is not with little people like us.”

“Yeah, and look what happened to Eddy,” said another young woman. “He tried to escape but some of the natives pursued him. They soon came back but Eddy wasn’t with them. They killed him. Surely the Good King could have saved him. Poor thing!”

The rest of the Small Faith people began to share their doubts. Billy tried to reason with them but they were so downcast that they wouldn’t listen. When the memorial was over and the women went back to their room, Billy laid on his bed wide awake while the others slept. Did the Good King really leave us? Are we destined to be slaves forever until we die? If He really does love us then why did so many bad things happen to us? He shook these thoughts from his mind. No! I will still believe in the Good King’s love. I know He hasn’t left us. He will save us, I’m sure of it! He then closed his eyes and dreamed of the freedom that he and his people would soon taste.

In the room where the women were sleeping Sally also believed that the Good King would free them. Billy’s words echoed in her mind:

“We must keep holding on to our faith.”

She would keep holding on to hers.

To Be Continued.












“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Two

In the middle of the night, Eddy got up and went by himself to pray. He knelt on the cold ground and folded his hands, giving his heart-felt petitions to the Good King.

“Dear Master,” he began, “You have blessed me in many ways. Thank you for caring about me and for giving me such wonderful friends. Thank you for the times the Holy Spirit helped me to be brave. I don’t feel as scared like I did before, but to be honest, I’m a little afraid of seeing my enemies again. They are bigger and stronger than me. And they have weapons. I don’t have anything except the Light of Your Truth, which has been a great aide to me on the many adventures I’ve had with Karen. I ask that You’ll continually strengthen me with Your Words when I go to help my people, who are Your people. Please give them freedom from their slavery. May Karen and I be faithful in this mission. In Your Name, Amen.”

Eddy’s eyes felt heavy. His body wanted to go back to sleep but he wanted to stay where he was in case the Good King should speak to him in his heart. He tried fighting off the tired feeling and willed with all of him might to keep his eyes open. But he lost the battle. In a matter of minutes he laid on the ground and went to sleep. But as he slept he felt peace and a big smile was spread across his face. He knew that the Good King would save Small Faith from the Natives of Doubt.

As the sun rose up in the sky Karen got up and stretched. She saw that Eddy wasn’t in his sleeping spot. “I wonder where he went,” she said to herself. She checked around the place and saw him laying on the ground not to far from where they had rested for the night. He was snoring loudly.

Karen walked over to him and gently shook him. “Eddy, it’s time to wake up,” she said.

“Just a few more minutes mom,” he muttered in his sleep.

Karen chuckled and shook him again. “Eddy, it’s time for us to get going.”

Eddy opened his eyes and saw Karen. “Oh, good morning, Karen.” he then looked up at the sky. “It sure is a nice day today. Look how blue the sky looks.”

Karen smiled. “It’s another day that the Good King has made for us.”

Eddy stretched and got up. “I feel a bit sore from sleeping on this spot though.”

“Why did you move?” Karen asked him.

“I was talking to the Good King early this morning. I wanted to wait here in case he answered me but I ended up going back to sleep.”

Karen nodded understandingly. “Has he answered you while you were sleeping?” she asked.

“Nope, not in words anyway. I believe He answered me by giving me peace and assurance.” Eddy answered.

“About what?”

“I was feeling afraid because the people we are going to go against are bigger and stronger than we are. But I now believe that the Good King will deliver the Small Faith People from them through us. If He can defeat Goliath then He can defeat the Natives of Doubt.”


In the slave quarters the Small Faith people were roused awake from their slumber by one of the slave masters.

“Alright you insects! Get to work! Sleepy time is over!” he commanded as he struck them with his whip. “The chief has more tasks for you to perform.”

The little people groaned as they put their shoes on. They still had their clothes on so they didn’t have to change. They were very dirty and smelled bad because Much Cruel wouldn’t let them bathe. He thought it was humorous seeing them in their condition and even cracked jokes about them while they worked to the bone. But his mean humor couldn’t crush their faith. They prayed to the Good King, declaring that in spite of their circumstances they would not lose faith in Him.

Back in the prison as the slave master pushed the prisoners out he spotted a little old man laying on a cot. “I said move it!” he barked.

The old man looked at him with eyes that were tired and worn. “Please sir,” he pleaded, I’m so weak. I can’t work anymore. Let me stay here and rest.”

The slave master flicked his whip at him. “Get up or I will whip you to death!”

The poor soul flinched as the whip touched him. Seeing that he had no option he very slowly got up from the cot and wobbled out with the slave master behind him to the garden. He saw his fellow Small Faith People being forced to harvest the food that they had sown with their own hands for the Natives of Doubt. The slave master pointed to an apple tree with his whip and forced the old man to carry a ladder to it. The slave moaned under the weight of the ladder. When he reached the tree he placed the ladder up and collapsed in front of it.

A young Small Faith Person named Billy, who was picking apples from a nearby tree saw what happened and hurried down from his ladder. The slave master was running toward the fallen slave to punish him but Billy was fast and managed to reach him before the slave master did. He spoke gently to the old man and felt his pulse. His heart was still beating but its rate was very slow.

The slave master flicked his whip at Billy. “Get back to work! I’ll handle him!” he hollered.

The young Small Faith Person didn’t budge. “He needs to rest. If you keep on pushing him he’ll die.” he stated not showing fear that he was talking back to a man that was much taller than him.

The slave master glared angrily at him. What gives this small fry the right to talk back to him? He flicked his whip at him again. Billy closed his eyes tight in pain but he still wouldn’t move.

A little woman who was mending shoes in one of the rooms of the cave saw what was happening through an opened window. She quickly left her work and ran out of the cave. A tall woman, who was the onlooker of the shoe menders ran after her. The little woman kept on running until she reached the apple tree. She dove herself on top of Billy to cover him from the whip.

“Stand back woman!” shouted the slave master. “Or do you wish to also feel my whip?”

The little woman wrapped her arms around Billy and turned to face the slave master. “I will not until you stop hurting him.” she said bravely.

The slave master growled. What was with all of these little people defying him today? Seeing how steadfast she was in protecting the young man he knew that whipping her wouldn’t make a difference, it would only delay his job of watching the other slaves and forcing them to work.

“By the gods what am I supposed to do?” he shouted in frustration.

The chief came over with two of his guards. When he saw what was going on between the slave master and one of the slaves he chuckled. “Don’t tell me these puny creatures are getting the better of you!” The slave master quickly turned his head and bowed before the chief. “A thousand apologies, Chief Much Cruel. But as you can see there are some very stubborn ones that I have to put up with.”

“How did this happen?” Much Cruel inquired.

“The old man refused to do his task but before I could whip him back to work this other slave stood in my way, so I whipped him. Then this female slave came out of nowhere and is now blocking me from doing what I have to do.” the slave master explained.

The chief walked over to the little woman, who was still holding on tightly to Billy. “Listen, miss, you will go back to your appointed task or I will feed you to my pet tigers!”

The little woman winced at the idea of being fed to the chief’s pets.

Billy turned his head to face her. “You better do what he says, Sally. Don’t worry everything will be fine.” he whispered.

Sally reluctantly got off of him. She walked up to the chief and frowned at him and at the slave master. “You may treat us like worthless animals now, but one day we will be free!”

“Get going, you!” the chief commanded as he waved his staff threateningly at her.

Sally left and headed back to the cave.

Billy got up from the ground and looked at Much Cruel. He tried to reason with Much Cruel to have pity on the elderly slave. “Chief, this poor man can’t work. He’s too weak. Let him rest.”

The chief poked the old man with the end of his staff. He didn’t move. Not bothering to check for any signs of life in him, Much Cruel said to his guards. “We are done here. Take this miserable slave away and feed him to my tigers.” The guards carried the old man and followed the chief back to the cave.

Billy watched. Are they truly that heartless? Have they no compassion for anyone? he thought. He then felt the whip of the slave master and heard him yell, “Hey! Get to your tree over there!” Billy hurriedly returned to his tree and went back to picking apples. He then stopped for a moment and buried his face in his hands. Would more Small Faith People die before freedom came to them?

“Master, Lord of Heaven and Earth, help us! Make us free!” he prayed.

To Be Continued.