“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Seventeen

Much Cruel sat on his stone throne. He had been sitting on it for hours that his muscles were aching. He was thinking deeply about the miracles that he had witnessed in the arena. He had never seen such power displayed for those who believed in the Good King. What if he and his people were wrong about the invisible God? The miracles seemed to prove that He existed and that He cared deeply for those who followed Him. But the chief didn’t want to believe in the Good King. For centuries the Natives of Doubt had lived for their gods and the tribe gained many victories through the power of the gods (or so he thought). He tried to forget about the tigers that wouldn’t eat the teenage girl, and how the gladiator fight between the little man and one of his best warriors was stopped abruptly. The Holy Spirit kept on reminding him of those instances to convince him of the truth, but he was stubborn as a wild donkey. There was no way he was going to accept that the Good King was the One and Only God.

He heard footsteps and lifted his head to see his wife enter. She was very happy and joy was shining through her eyes. Much Cruel wondered what happened. “Why are so happy? I have never seen you this joyous before?” he asked her.

The queen came up to him. “Dear husband, I have accepted the Lightbearers’ Good King as my Lord and Saviour. I believe that He is the One and Only God. All the gods that we have worshiped and pledged our allegiance to are not real. The God of Heaven is real. We must tell our people and…”

Much Cruel angrily arose from his throne and slapped the queen’s face. “You are a stupid woman! You’re going to throw away what has been handed down to us for the Lightbearers’ God?”

“But husband…”

“If you want to join them then go ahead! Leave my sight! You are no longer my queen!”

The queen hurried out of the throne room with tears in her eyes.

Much Cruel sat back down and repeated to himself. “I will not accept the Good King. I will not accept the Good King.”


The queen went outside and cried. The feeling of his rough hand across her face and his cutting words was hurting her heart. She wondered how she could have pledged her life to a man that was so cruel and heartless. She saw the Small Faith People working their hardest to do their tasks with the slave masters showing both verbal and physical abuse toward them. But the slaves were no longer moaning and crying. They were showing happiness because they believed that their day of freedom was very close. They were even singing songs about the love of the Good King and being free. She hoped that they would be free one day. Seeing them having to bear such heavy burdens was now making her very sad.

“Your majesty, what’s wrong?”

She recognized the voice and turned her head. “Sally?”

The little woman went up to the queen. She heard that she had become a Believer in the Good King and she was no longer afraid of her. The queen wiped her tears and looked at her. When she saw how genuinely concerned Sally was for her, she began to feel guilty for the time she had mistreated her. She hugged the little woman and said in a broken voice:

“I’m so sorry for beating you. Can you ever forgive me for being so cruel?”

Sally smiled compassionately at her. “Your majesty, I have already forgiven you. What you have done is forgotten.”

The queen hugged her tightly. “Thank you, Sally.”

Sally asked again what was wrong and the queen told her what happened between her and Much Cruel. Sally listened to her story in sadness. She assured the queen that everything would work out for good. She also added that the Good King would not give up on her husband. He would do all He could to save him from the evil that held him.

These kind words made the queen feel hopeful. She thanked Sally for her understanding. Sally pointed up to the sky and said, “Thank the Good King, for what I have said came from Him.” The queen did. Then she asked Sally if she could walk with her and teach her some of the songs that she had heard the Small Faith People sing. So Sally taught her the songs that were given to them by the Holy Spirit.

To Be Continued







“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Sixteen

Back in her cell Karen prayed for Eddy. She hoped that the Good King saved him just like He saved her. It was a miracle that the tigers didn’t eat her. How grateful she was for being rescued from their jaws. As Eddy was going through his ordeal with Gabriel, Karen remained in close communion with the Good King. She didn’t know how long she was praying but she wasn’t weary to continually bring her friend before the heavenly throne. Then when she didn’t know what else to say she heard the voice that she feared she would never hear again.

“Karen, you’re alive!”

Karen opened her eyes in surprise. She saw Eddy looking at her through the bars of her cell. “Eddy, my dear friend,” she said as she reached out her hand to him, “are you okay? You didn’t get hurt did you?”

Eddy smiled. “I’m all right. The Good King saved my life out there.”

“But how did He do it?” Karen asked wanting to know what happened.

“I was face to face with a warrior, who was a former Small Faith Person. I tried to reason with him but he wouldn’t listen. He was bent on killing me. But just as he was about to the Good King stopped the sword from delivering its deadly blow. I wish you could have seen it. It was actually frozen in midair! The warrior then gave up his violent ways and is now going to rejoin the Small Faith People.”

“That’s wonderful! What a merciful Good King we serve!” said Karen.

Eddy then said to her. “I feared that those tigers had eaten you. How did the Good King help you to escape that fate?”

“I thought for sure that I was going to perish. But miraculously those beasts became gentle like domestic cats. They purred and nuzzled me. That was quite an experience.” then she added, “Though we have lost our Lanterns the Light of Truth is still sustaining us through dangers. The Holy Spirit is bringing the promises to my remembrance just like He has done for the Small Faith People.”

“The Holy Spirit does a wonderful job in reminding us of the things from the Holy Word that we have stored in our hearts.” Eddy said.

Just then the queen appeared with some guards. The two Lightbearers looked up at her, wondering what she was going to do to them.

“Guards, bring Karen and Eddy to the throne room. I want to have a word with them.” she commanded.

The guards quickly obeyed her.


The Master of Darkness and his minions invisibly held a meeting. He was furious that the two Lightbearers were once again rescued from his evil hand. The day of freedom for the Small Faith People was getting very close and he wanted to interfere with the Good King’s plan in that. He paced back and forth trying to come up with another wicked idea.

One of the demons said to him, “Boss, I think we are wasting our time. It’s obvious that the Most High doesn’t want the Lightbearers to die and as far as the slaves go, it looks like that no matter what we do they will be free.”

The Master Of Darkness growled. “I know that fool! I just think that if we work harder at destroying the faith of the little people they will be oppressed by the Natives of Doubt forever. There must be something we could do.”

“Like what?” a frustated demon inquired. “We did what we could. We took the Lanterns away from the Lightbearers and destroyed them before their eyes through Much Cruel; we tried executing them in the arena and the Most High performed miracles on their behalf, which strengthened the faith of the slaves. What else can we do?”

The Master of Darkness pounded his fist on the stone wall. He knew that no matter what he tried he would lose again. Then an idea came to him. He remembered what he did in the Ancient Times when another group of slaves were promised freedom from their bondage by the Most High. His efforts in hardening the heart of the king of that oppressive country and making the people’s faith dwindle from the hardships that were placed on them so damaged their faith that many of them didn’t make it to the Promised Land when they were finally free. Maybe if he worked extra hard the same thing would happen to the Small Faith People.

The wicked being turned from the wall and faced his dark helpers with a malicious grin on his face. “Gather around, I have a plan that will not fail this time.”


The queen had a private interview with Karen and Eddy. She asked them many questions about the Good King and His Kingdom in Heaven. The two Lightbearers were joyous that she was interested in His Majesty and His eternal ways. They answered her questions by quoting verses from the Holy Word that the Holy Spirit brought to their memories. The queen was impressed by their answers. She began to see that their God was a benevolent Being, a King who loves everyone and who desires that every soul be saved. She wanted to be a Believer so she asked them:

“Karen, Eddy, what must I do to be accepted by the Good King? I want to join His family.”

“Believe in the Name of His Majesty and you will be saved. You will be accepted into His family if you let Him be your Lord and Savior.” Karen answered gently.

“I have tried to find satisfaction in the many gods that I have worshiped for years, and they have only made me empty inside. I believe that the Good King alone can satisfy me and I believe that He is the one true God. Yes, I want Him to rule my life.” the queen said as she felt an overwhelming peace deep down in her soul.

“Would you like to pray and ask His Majesty to come into your heart?” Eddy asked her.

The queen smiled at him. He was so kind and gracious that she began to feel guilty for agreeing with her husband in enslaving the Small Faith People. “Yes, I would like to.”

As Karen and Eddy prayed the queen poured out her heart to the Good King. She gave Him her heart and told Him that she wanted to be His servant. After she said “amen” she looked at her new friends and smiled. She was now a Believer

To Be Continued








“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Fifteen

The door to the cell opened and Eddy braced himself. A guard grabbed him by the arm. “It’s your turn!” he hissed as he forced him out of the cell. Eddy prayed silently as he was being roughly led down the hallway. He was then pushed out into the arena and saw those who were seated in the coliseum. Many of them were his own people, whom he guessed had been forced to witness his destruction. He wanted to say something that would encourage them but time wouldn’t let him because Chief Much Cruel stood up to speak:

“This resident of Small Faith, this puny insect, is going to fight against one of our best warriors. Guard, give him a sword so that the fight will be fair.”

A guard gave Eddy a sword. Eddy held the weapon and looked at it. He had never used a sword before and he knew that the one he was going up against was going to be very skillful in his weaponry.

“Dear Master, be my strength and my help in this,” he prayed.

“Bring out our champion!” Much Cruel commanded jubilantly.

A guard brought out a Small Faith Person who was dressed in armor and had a sword. Eddy noticed that the warrior looked very young. In fact too young to be doing something like this. The warrior went up to him and glared at him in his face. Eddy quickly recognized him.

“Gabriel!” he gasped.

The Small Faith Person didn’t respond. He was ready to eliminate this opponent that was before him.

“Fight!” Much Cruel shouted as he brought his hand down.

Gabriel pulled out his sword. “Are you ready to perish?” he asked smiling wickedly.

Eddy was shocked that a Small Faith Person would be able to give into the heartless and cruelty of the Natives of Doubt. Has Gabriel forgotten about the Good King and that he was part of a civilization that loved Him and others? Eddy knew that his life was at stake but he couldn’t bear the thought of Gabriel losing eternal life. He had to try and reason with the lad.

Gabriel swung his sword and Eddy jumped back to avoid the blade. “Gabriel, this is wrong. You know it’s wrong. Please don’t do this.” Eddy pleaded.

“Begging will not save you,” said Gabriel as he tried again to strike him with his sword. Eddy ducked as the blade went over his head. “I’m not so afraid for myself as I am for you. You’re heading down a path that will lead to death.”

The warrior laughed. “I’m not heading down the path of death. You are! You should be very afraid because I’m going to cut you in pieces and take your head as my trophy.”

The sword was about to come down. Eddy quickly rolled away and the blade hit the ground.

“Fight like a man, you coward!” Gabriel shouted.

Eddy ran to get away. “Dear Master, please open his heart so that he may see his spiritual condition.” he prayed as he gasped for breath.

The Small Faith People in the coliseum also prayed. They asked the Good King to save Eddy from the heartless warrior. Benjamin also prayed for him.

Eddy stood up against the wall of the arena. He watched as Gabriel was advancing toward him with his sword.

“Don’t you know that those who delight in violence will not be a part of the Good King’s Kingdom? There will be no eternal life for those who enjoy hurting or killing people.”  Eddy said to Gabriel.

The young Small Faith Person answered as he got nearer to Eddy:

“I don’t believe in the Good King anymore. Everything about Him and His Kingdom are fairy tales. Myths are what they are! And you are so stupid to believe in such ridiculous things! I have learned that if you want to get through this life you have to fight and show no mercy toward those who stand up against you. Violence and aggression are the keys to survival in this World.”

Eddy then cried out in despair,”Oh, you poor soul! You have been deceived by our enemies and have adapted their lifestyle.”

Gabriel laughed. “It is you who has been deceived. You believe in this invisible God King and are trying to persuade me to believe in such fancies again.” He was now a couple of feet from Eddy. “Your words will not prevail against me fool!”

Eddy swallowed hard and closed his eyes.

In the crowd the Master of Darkness and his minions watched with glee. The young warrior was completely under their control. He may have lost Benjamin but there was no way the former Small Faith Person in the arena was going to return to the Most High.

“Oh, boy! Oh, boy! It looks like Eddy is going to die!” said a demon rubbing his hands eagerly. “And it’s about time too.”

Eddy kept his eyes closed and thought about heavenly things like the Good King, His Kingdom, and being in eternity with Him. These inspiring thoughts helped him to not be afraid as he waited for the sword to take his life.

When Gabriel was right in front of him the Master of Darkness was excited. “Yes! Get him! Strike him down!” he shouted.

The Small Faith People prayed harder.

Gabriel positioned his sword. “So much for believing in your God King!” he laughed as he got ready to cut off the brave little man’s head. But to his shock and to everyone who was watching, the sword abruptly stopped in mid air.

“What in the…!” the warrior exclaimed. He tried to move the sword but it stayed right where it was in mid air.

Eddy opened his eyes and when he saw what just took place he breathed a sigh of relief. Thank you, for saving my life, Your Majesty.”

Gabriel grunted and growled, but all of his efforts to move the stuck sword were to no avail. “What kind of nonsense is this?” he inquired.

The Small Faith People cheered and praised the Good King for rescuing Eddy.

Chief Much Cruel thought he was dreaming so he pinched himself. But when he saw that this was no dream he muttered excitedly, “This isn’t happening! This isn’t happening! There’s no way that this is real! Maybe all the sour grape juice I drank is starting to effect my mind.” He then turned to his wife. “Dear, please tell me that the sword really isn’t frozen in mid air. Please tell me that I’m seeing things.”

The queen chuckled. “You’re not drunk, my husband. What you are seeing really is happening.”

“But that’s impossible! First my tigers and now this! What kind of magic do these Believers have?” Much Cruel said feeling apprehensive at witnessing more power that was unknown to him.

Back in the arena Gabriel gave up. Realizing that he was not going to win this time he fell to his knees and cried. His dream of being a part of the Natives of Doubt was shattered.

“I’m no warrior! I’m just a little person with nothing! It’s not fair!” he sobbed.

Eddy walked over to the lad and touched his shoulder.

Gabriel angrily removed his hand. “Get away from me! This is all your fault!” he shouted.

Eddy got closer to him. “I didn’t do anything, Gabriel. This power is from the Good King of Heaven. He is trying to bring you to reason. He loves you and He wants you to be a part of His people again.”

Gabriel wiped his eyes and looked up at Eddy. “Why are you being so nice to me? I tried to kill you.”

“Because you have been deceived by the Master of Darkness. You fell for his lies and I want to share the Truth with you.”

Gabriel stood up and removed his armor. “I want to believe in the Good King again. Can you please help me, Edward Matthews.”

Eddy embraced him. “Welcome back, Gabriel.”

The coliseum erupted with shouts of praise to the Good King. The Master of Darkness left the in a rage with his minions behind him.

Chief Much Cruel and his people were totally baffled. Could it be that the God of the Small Faith People and the Lightbearers was more powerful than their gods? “I need to go,” said the chief as he left his seat with his guards following behind him. The queen stayed in her seat and pondered on the events that took place at the games. She wanted to know more about this Good King and His mighty power to save.

To Be Continued.











“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Fourteen

Gabriel was a 15 year old boy who was trained to be in the games. Though small in height he was very skilled with any weapon that was given to him and had won every game he had to participate in. The brutal sports at first made him sick, but when he saw more people being killed in the events he soon became desensitized. The cries of the victims no longer touched his heart. He had slain many a Native of Doubt with no feelings of remorse. When the chief promised to make him a part of his tribe if he kept on showing courage and skill in the games Gabriel was so excited that he assured the chief that he would keep on being the best fighter no matter what. On the morning of Karen and Eddy’s execution Gabriel had to get up early to practice. He was told that he was going to be in the games that morning and he wanted to be prepared for whoever he was going to come up against. Using a dummy stuffed with straw he kept on poking it with his sword until all the stuffing came out. Then he cut the dummy’s head off and held it up imagining the crowd cheering him for beating another opponent. He then tossed the dummy head aside and sat down to relax. He was ready to fight.


Karen and Eddy prayed hard in their cells. They asked the Good King to save them from the fate that awaited them. But they also asked Him to give them the courage to die for Him if it wasn’t His will for them to be rescued. The Holy Spirit reminded them of the words from the Holy Word. They pondered on the words and they thanked the Good King for His promises. They didn’t have their Lanterns anymore but the fiery words of Truth were in their very hearts, and their minds were filled with heavenly joy and peace. They still had the Light of Truth with them and how they praised the Good King for that!

A guard came up to the door of Eddy’s cell. Eddy stopped praying and watched as the stone door opened. The guard came in and grabbed him.

“Where are you taking me?” Eddy asked meekly.

“To the chief. He has something he wants to say to you before you die.” the guard answered.

Eddy swallowed hard. Dear Master, please be very close to me. Walk with me and do the same for Karen.

As he was being roughly led to the throne room Eddy wondered what the evil chief wanted to say to him. Obviously it wasn’t going to be good. When he got to the throne room he saw Karen with a guard who was watching her intently. The guard forced him to stand right next to her. Karen saw Eddy and tried to smile. He could tell from her expression that she was very scared. He was used to seeing her brave when danger came their way. She was always ready to help others no matter what the situation was. But now she seemed different. She even looked like she was going to cry.

“It will be all right, sister. We are not alone here.” Eddy said to her gently.

“I know, but I’m still afraid. I have never been this scared before.” Karen replied in a shaky voice.

“We’ll get through this together, just like we have in our past adventures. You know that we will because even though you are very scared I can see that you still believe in His Majesty.” Eddy said. He sensed in his soul that the Holy Spirit was strengthening his courage when he spoke those words.

Chief Much Cruel then entered with guards positioned around him to protect him. He sat on his throne and looked at the two Lightbearers.

“There has been a change of plans,” he said to them, “I have decided to spare one of you from my tigers.” He then had a malicious smile on his face when he began to speak to the little man. “Edward Matthews of Small Faith, you will not face the tigers in the games today. Instead you will compete with one of our best worries in a fight to the death.”

Eddy’s face turned pale. He didn’t like to fight and he knew that he wouldn’t survive one with a fearless warrior of the Natives of Doubt. He wanted to beg for mercy but the Holy Spirit who was dwelling inside of him kept him from doing it.

Karen gently touched Eddy’s hand. Her kind touch helped him to calm down a little.

Chief Much Cruel then faced Karen. “You, however, will be thrown to my tigers. You will be the first one to die.”

Karen was speechless. She was terrified of her fate and felt the urge to beg also, but the Holy Spirit assured her that everything would turn out fine. The Good King was very close to her and Eddy in this extremely difficult time.

Much Cruel then ordered his guards to throw them into the prison where those who were going to be in the games were sent to. After they were locked in Karen and Eddy embraced each other and prayed to the Good King.


The guards informed the slaves that they didn’t have to work that day. Instead they were all going to watch the games and witness what happens to those who dare to go against the chief. The Small Faith People didn’t want to go to the games but they didn’t have a choice. If they refused they would die too. On their way to to see the brutal games Sally said to Billy, “I wonder who it’s going to be this time.”

“Let’s keep whoever it is in our prayers. The poor soul will really need the Good King to be with him.” Billy answered, wondering himself on who it could be. Who among them would have the guts to go up against the chief like that?

When they all reached the arena the slaves sat down in the seats and waited to see who the doomed person was. The drums started to beat an ominous rhythm and chief Much Cruel’s voice sounded from his seat on the top of the coliseum: “Bring out the wretch!” he commanded.

The guards went into the prison and tore Karen away from Eddy. The little man called out to her from the bars: “His Majesty is with you! Don’t be afraid dear friend and sister!” When she was gone from his sight he then buried his face in his hands and prayed.

“Please Master, don’t let her die.” he sobbed.

When she was pushed out into the arena by the guards the Small Faith People recognized who it was.

“Karen the Lightbearer!”

“Oh, no! Not our new friend!”

Karen heard their shouts of despair. She looked up at them and said confidently, “The Good King is with me. He will deliver me from death. But if He decides not to my love for Him will not falter. He knows what is best. Whatever you see today keep your faith, for you all are in the Good King’s keeping too. And you will be free from these servants of the Master of Darkness.”

Chief Much Cruel laughed and so did the Natives of Doubt. The only one not laughing was the queen. As she looked at the teenage girl who was about to be torn to pieces by the tigers she couldn’t help but admire her bravery.

Much Cruel then contained himself and commanded, “Release the tigers!”

The barred gates holding the tigers began to slowly go up. The beasts roared and reached out their paws through the bars. Karen saw the ferocious tigers. She then knelt down and prayed. She prayed for Eddy, for the enslaved Small Faith People, for the Natives of Doubt so that they may see the error of their ways, and for her family back home. When the gates were all the way up the tigers charged at her.


Eddy covered his ears. He didn’t want to hear the sound of the tigers finishing off his best friend. “I’ll see you on resurrection morning.” he whispered as his tears fell like rain.


Karen closed her eyes and waited to feel the teeth and claws of the beasts. When nothing happened she slowly opened her eyes. The tigers were laying around her yawning and looking around like they were bored. One tiger came up to her and gently nuzzled her with its furry head. She carefully petted the tiger and the animal purred and licked her face.

Chief Much Cruel stood up from his seat in shock. “What happened to my ferocious man-eating tigers? They’re acting like harmless house cats!” he shouted.

The queen snickered. It was so amusing to her to see her husband confused and irritated.

The Small Faith People saw the scene with joy. The Good King had saved Karen from the tigers. She wasn’t going to die after all. Even Benjamin was joyful. The doubts that the Master of Darkness planted into his mind were being uprooted by his faith, which started to grow in spite of his doubtful feelings. With confidence the elderly little man said, “His Majesty does exist. Only He can perform such a miracle as this. Praises to Him!”

Billy heard him and thanked the Good King for helping his brother to believe again. He was so happy to see that Benjamin hadn’t completely forsaken his faith.

Seeing that his tigers were not going to destroy the Lightbearer Much Cruel ordered his guards to take her away. He wasn’t totally disappointed because Eddy still had to be brought out to participate in the games. Perhaps the little man wouldn’t be so lucky as his friend was.

To Be Continued









“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Thirteen

During Sally’s stay in the sick room her wounds and bruises got healed up. The queen visited her, and when she saw that she was no longer hurting she ordered her to go back to work. Sally got out of the bed and meekly followed the queen back to her task. As she walked she thought about the Lightbearer that came to see her. She was so sweet and kind. Though so young she looked like she had served the Good King for a long time. Sally hoped that she would see her again. When she reached the room where the other women slaves were she saw Karen smiling and helping them with the mending. Sally wanted to wave to her but she felt that it wouldn’t be a good idea with the queen present. She quietly returned to her spot where the shoes were and started mending them. She noticed that Karen was right next to her. When the queen wasn’t looking she turned her head to her and said, “Thank you, Karen for visiting me and for helping me with the encouraging words from your Lantern.”

Karen patted her back. “You’re welcome. Keep holding on to your faith, for your freedom is around the corner.”

All that day Karen didn’t see Eddy with the other slaves. She had a feeling that something happened to him and she became worried for him. She silently prayed for him but she couldn’t stop thinking about him. If only there was a way she could see what became of her dear and best friend.

That night when everyone was sleeping, Karen quietly snuck out of the room. Using her Lantern she shined it around the dark hallways to find Eddy. The hallways were very quiet. Karen walked carefully on the stone floor and looked around to see if there was a guard in sight. She didn’t know that one of the Master of Darkness’ minions were watching her and getting ready to spring a trap on her.

“Are you ready?” one asked the other.

“Yep, just give me a minute to clear my voice.”

Karen was getting closer to them.

“Ready…now!” said the demon.

The other demon started to mimic Eddy’s voice. “Help! Help! Karen, please help me!”

Karen heard the cry and started to run in their direction. “I’m coming, Eddy! Hold on!” she shouted, not fearing that the guards could hear her.

Suddenly a net fell on her. Karen gasped and tried in vain to get it off of her. She was stuck.

The two demons appeared in front of her. “You’re doomed, Karen. Doomed like your little friend. There’s no escape for both of you!”

“Where’s Eddy? What have you done with him?” Karen asked bravely.

“Don’t worry, you will see him shortly,” said one of the demons. “Just stay right here like a good human while we go and get our boss. He is speaking with the chief of the Natives of Doubt. Don’t move. Ha ha ha ha ha!” the demons then left her alone under the net.

Karen knelt on the stone floor and prayed.

Minutes later Much Cruel appeared along with the Master of Darkness, who was in his human disguise. Karen looked up at them and said in a shaky voice, “What are you going to do to me?”

The Master of Darkness grinned wickedly. “Aw, is the courageous Lightbearer now afraid for her life? What happened to that bravery you showed in many of your Heaven appointed missions?”

Karen couldn’t answer. She was wondering what happened to her God-given bravery too.

Much Cruel reached his hand under the net and grabbed Karen’s Lantern. “I’ll take that thank you,” he said as he pulled it out.

The chief then placed the shining Lantern on the stone floor and picked up a huge rock that was by the wall. Karen watched in horror as he used the rock to smash her heavenly treasure.

“Stop! Stop!” she cried.

But Much Cruel didn’t stop and the beautiful golden Lantern got all broken and smashed up. The fire was still burning, which greatly annoyed Much Cruel and the Master of Darkness. They tried to snuff it out but it kept on burning brighter.

“Just dispose of it,” said the Master of Darkness. “That eternal Light of Truth is not going to make a difference for her or for anyone else anymore.”

Much Cruel picked up the ruined Lantern and threw it out of an opened window.

Karen wept. “My Lantern. My wonderful precious Lantern.”

The Master of Darkness went up to her. Karen saw his red eyes glowing from his human form and turned away. She felt so helpless against him without the Lantern with the Light of the Good King’s Truth.

“Yes, cry your eyes out human, however, your sorrow is going to be very short because you and your little friend are going to die tomorrow. I will kill you while your hearts are in despair so that you will never experience the joy of eternal life with the Most High.” the demon said jubilantly.

Karen shook in the net. She felt like a frightened little girl. She didn’t want to die like this with no hope or faith in her heart. “Please, spare me!” she pleaded.

The Master of Darkness’ smile broadened. The once brave Lightbearer of the Good King was begging him for mercy. She had proven herself to be more cowardly than the Small Faith Person. This opened up a door for him tempt her with one of his most awful temptations:

“I’ll spare your life on one condition: one, leave your allegiance to the Most High and serve me. I’ll give you anything you want and you won’t have to sacrifice or experience hardships. You can go back to your life in Secular City and forget about all this. What do you think of that?”

This offer seemed good to Karen. She was ready to accept it until she heard the voice of her Lord and Savior:

“Don’t do it, My child. You will have the pleasures of the World but it will only be for a season. You will feel sadness and loss in the end. Don’t be afraid because your Lantern is gone. My words are in your heart. Believe and don’t give in to My enemy, and your enemy.”

Karen stopped shaking and looked at the Master of Darkness. “I will not stop serving the Good King. I will never pledge my allegiance to you and to your evil forces.”

The Master of Darkness was taken aback. He did not expect Karen to show courage and firmness again. He thought for sure that he had her but he could see that her love for the Most High was still strong.

Much Cruel called for two of his guards. When they came he ordered them to lock Karen up until tomorrow when the games would begin.

The guards dragged the net away. As Karen was being led to her prison she heard the sound of weeping coming from one of the cells. She turned her head in the net and saw that it was her best friend.

“Eddy!” she cried.

He heard his name being called and looked through the bars on the stone door. When he saw who it was he gasped. “Oh, no! Karen!” Before she disappeared from his sight, Eddy pleaded with the guards:

“Please don’t hurt her! Do what you want with me but let her go!”

“Shut up runt!” the guards yelled.

Eddy went away from the door and buried his face in his hands. The only One who could save them was the Good King. He earnestly prayed that he and Karen would be strong in Him and that He would save them from death according to His good will.

To Be Continued.