“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Thirteen

During Sally’s stay in the sick room her wounds and bruises got healed up. The queen visited her, and when she saw that she was no longer hurting she ordered her to go back to work. Sally got out of the bed and meekly followed the queen back to her task. As she walked she thought about the Lightbearer that came to see her. She was so sweet and kind. Though so young she looked like she had served the Good King for a long time. Sally hoped that she would see her again. When she reached the room where the other women slaves were she saw Karen smiling and helping them with the mending. Sally wanted to wave to her but she felt that it wouldn’t be a good idea with the queen present. She quietly returned to her spot where the shoes were and started mending them. She noticed that Karen was right next to her. When the queen wasn’t looking she turned her head to her and said, “Thank you, Karen for visiting me and for helping me with the encouraging words from your Lantern.”

Karen patted her back. “You’re welcome. Keep holding on to your faith, for your freedom is around the corner.”

All that day Karen didn’t see Eddy with the other slaves. She had a feeling that something happened to him and she became worried for him. She silently prayed for him but she couldn’t stop thinking about him. If only there was a way she could see what became of her dear and best friend.

That night when everyone was sleeping, Karen quietly snuck out of the room. Using her Lantern she shined it around the dark hallways to find Eddy. The hallways were very quiet. Karen walked carefully on the stone floor and looked around to see if there was a guard in sight. She didn’t know that one of the Master of Darkness’ minions were watching her and getting ready to spring a trap on her.

“Are you ready?” one asked the other.

“Yep, just give me a minute to clear my voice.”

Karen was getting closer to them.

“Ready…now!” said the demon.

The other demon started to mimic Eddy’s voice. “Help! Help! Karen, please help me!”

Karen heard the cry and started to run in their direction. “I’m coming, Eddy! Hold on!” she shouted, not fearing that the guards could hear her.

Suddenly a net fell on her. Karen gasped and tried in vain to get it off of her. She was stuck.

The two demons appeared in front of her. “You’re doomed, Karen. Doomed like your little friend. There’s no escape for both of you!”

“Where’s Eddy? What have you done with him?” Karen asked bravely.

“Don’t worry, you will see him shortly,” said one of the demons. “Just stay right here like a good human while we go and get our boss. He is speaking with the chief of the Natives of Doubt. Don’t move. Ha ha ha ha ha!” the demons then left her alone under the net.

Karen knelt on the stone floor and prayed.

Minutes later Much Cruel appeared along with the Master of Darkness, who was in his human disguise. Karen looked up at them and said in a shaky voice, “What are you going to do to me?”

The Master of Darkness grinned wickedly. “Aw, is the courageous Lightbearer now afraid for her life? What happened to that bravery you showed in many of your Heaven appointed missions?”

Karen couldn’t answer. She was wondering what happened to her God-given bravery too.

Much Cruel reached his hand under the net and grabbed Karen’s Lantern. “I’ll take that thank you,” he said as he pulled it out.

The chief then placed the shining Lantern on the stone floor and picked up a huge rock that was by the wall. Karen watched in horror as he used the rock to smash her heavenly treasure.

“Stop! Stop!” she cried.

But Much Cruel didn’t stop and the beautiful golden Lantern got all broken and smashed up. The fire was still burning, which greatly annoyed Much Cruel and the Master of Darkness. They tried to snuff it out but it kept on burning brighter.

“Just dispose of it,” said the Master of Darkness. “That eternal Light of Truth is not going to make a difference for her or for anyone else anymore.”

Much Cruel picked up the ruined Lantern and threw it out of an opened window.

Karen wept. “My Lantern. My wonderful precious Lantern.”

The Master of Darkness went up to her. Karen saw his red eyes glowing from his human form and turned away. She felt so helpless against him without the Lantern with the Light of the Good King’s Truth.

“Yes, cry your eyes out human, however, your sorrow is going to be very short because you and your little friend are going to die tomorrow. I will kill you while your hearts are in despair so that you will never experience the joy of eternal life with the Most High.” the demon said jubilantly.

Karen shook in the net. She felt like a frightened little girl. She didn’t want to die like this with no hope or faith in her heart. “Please, spare me!” she pleaded.

The Master of Darkness’ smile broadened. The once brave Lightbearer of the Good King was begging him for mercy. She had proven herself to be more cowardly than the Small Faith Person. This opened up a door for him tempt her with one of his most awful temptations:

“I’ll spare your life on one condition: one, leave your allegiance to the Most High and serve me. I’ll give you anything you want and you won’t have to sacrifice or experience hardships. You can go back to your life in Secular City and forget about all this. What do you think of that?”

This offer seemed good to Karen. She was ready to accept it until she heard the voice of her Lord and Savior:

“Don’t do it, My child. You will have the pleasures of the World but it will only be for a season. You will feel sadness and loss in the end. Don’t be afraid because your Lantern is gone. My words are in your heart. Believe and don’t give in to My enemy, and your enemy.”

Karen stopped shaking and looked at the Master of Darkness. “I will not stop serving the Good King. I will never pledge my allegiance to you and to your evil forces.”

The Master of Darkness was taken aback. He did not expect Karen to show courage and firmness again. He thought for sure that he had her but he could see that her love for the Most High was still strong.

Much Cruel called for two of his guards. When they came he ordered them to lock Karen up until tomorrow when the games would begin.

The guards dragged the net away. As Karen was being led to her prison she heard the sound of weeping coming from one of the cells. She turned her head in the net and saw that it was her best friend.

“Eddy!” she cried.

He heard his name being called and looked through the bars on the stone door. When he saw who it was he gasped. “Oh, no! Karen!” Before she disappeared from his sight, Eddy pleaded with the guards:

“Please don’t hurt her! Do what you want with me but let her go!”

“Shut up runt!” the guards yelled.

Eddy went away from the door and buried his face in his hands. The only One who could save them was the Good King. He earnestly prayed that he and Karen would be strong in Him and that He would save them from death according to His good will.

To Be Continued.





“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Twelve

When Billy was reunited with his fellow slaves he excitedly shared with them the scroll. When they all saw the encouraging words that were written on it the joy in their hearts multiplied. They were truly going to be free! The only person who didn’t share their joy was old Benjamin. He was in a corner depressed and sulking, not being able to believe the words that were on the scroll.

He turned and looked at the excited crowd. “How do you know that what is written is true?” he asked them. “For all we know this could all be a lie.”

Billy’s eyes widened in shock. “Benjamin! How could you say such a thing? This scroll came from the Kingdom of Heaven. The Good King gave it to us. This is not a lie, this is the Truth!”

Benjamin wanted to believe that what the young man said was true, but his mind couldn’t grasp the Truth that was before him. He shook his head and turned away.

Billy then spoke to him gently, yet firmly. “Ben, if you keep on refusing to believe, you will be a slave to the Natives of Doubt forever. You won’t be able to go back with us and help us rebuild our home. You don’t want that, do you?”

Benjamin clenched his teeth and closed his eyes tight. He felt like he was going to cry and he was trying his hardest not to. “I don’t know if I will ever be able to believe again,” he whispered.

Billy decided that it was best to leave him alone now. “I’ll pray for you, Ben,” he said as he gently patted him on his shoulder. Benjamin looked down and said nothing.

Suddenly a guard came and Billy quickly hid the scroll in his shirt. “Come on, you worms! It’s time to work!” the guard barked at them. Everyone quickly left the room, including Benjamin who was dawdling behind them.

Billy then suddenly remembered Eddy. In his excitement he had forgotten about him. He gazed at the crowd of his fellow slaves but there was no sign of his friend. Where did he go? What happened to him? Billy feared that maybe he was caught when he left him with the scroll. He knew that if that was the case, Eddy was going to be in big trouble with Much Cruel. He silently lifted up a prayer for him, hoping that the Good King would preserve his life once again from their enemies.


Eddy was in big trouble. Just when he heard the guards coming for Billy he quickly left the cell and was caught by a guard who was patrolling the hallways. The guard roughly grabbed him and took him to Much Cruel. When the chief saw Eddy he got up from his throne and walked up to him. The guard told him that he found him wandering around in the hallway instead of staying in the slave quarters with the others.

Much Cruel grinned at the little man. “Well, Eddy, it looks like I’m going to have to punish you for your disobedience.”

Eddy looked up at the very tall chief. “What are you going to do?” he asked, feeling his old fear resurface.

“First, I’m going to take your vile Lantern!” said Much Cruel as he grabbed the shining Lantern out of Eddy’s hands.

“No! Please give that back!” Eddy cried. Without the Light of the Good King’s Truth he knew he didn’t stand a chance against the Forces of Evil.

“Then I’m going to throw it out the window,” said the wicked chief as he walked to a window and got ready to throw the shining Lantern out.

Eddy struggled in the guard’s grasp. He wanted to get his precious Lantern away from Much Cruel. “No! Please don’t! Don’t!” he pleaded.

Much Cruel laughed at Eddy’s despair. “How I love watching people suffer. It makes me feel so good inside.” He then started to swing the Lantern and counted:


Eddy was about to plead again when the Good King gently stopped him.

“It’s okay, My child. My words are in your heart. The Light of Truth is burning brightly in your soul. Don’t worry.”

Eddy believed these words from his loving Master.

“Three!” said Much Cruel as he flung the Lantern out the window.

The sound of breaking glass made Eddy sad, but he then smiled when he thought about what the Good King just said to Him.

Much Cruel was surprised to see Eddy happy. “How can you be smiling?! I just destroyed your Lantern! It’s laying in pieces out there! Don’t you care about it anymore?”

Eddy answered. “You can smash my Lantern, but the words of my Lord and King are in my heart. You can’t take them away.”

Much Cruel snorted. “We’ll see how strong you’ll be in your faith when you are thrown to the tigers tomorrow. Guard, throw him in prison!”

The guard then dragged Eddy away.

When he was locked in the dark prison poor Eddy trembled. The thought of meeting the tigers made him very afraid. When he pictured himself being eaten by them tears filled his eyes.

“I don’t want to die!” he sobbed.

To Be Continued.




“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Eleven

Benjamin still couldn’t believe that the Good King would rescue them. He wanted to believe but his feelings convinced him that His Majesty had forsaken them. Even Eddy’s witness couldn’t remove the doubt that was eating away at his faith. The Master of Darkness watched gleefully as the troubled little man gave into the negative thoughts and suggestions that he had placed into his mind. Soon Benjamin would be under his power and once that happened the wicked being would make sure that he never had the chance to regain his trust in the Most High.

But the Good King still loved Benjamin and He would do all He could to save him from the Master of Darkness. He was not going to leave the Small Faith Person to die in his doubt.


Much Cruel called a meeting with his advisers. He told them that he was concerned because the slaves had been acting more contented and peaceful since the two Lightbearers came. Having them join the slaves in their labor didn’t keep them from shining. He was missing seeing the little people sad and discouraged. Something had to be done about Karen and Eddy.

The advisers came up with ideas but their chief didn’t think any of those ideas would work. The Lightbearers’ faith in the Good King was very strong so having them work more wouldn’t work.

“Why not have them beaten?” someone asked.

“That wouldn’t work either. The Light in the Lanterns somehow keeps the slave masters from touching them. When they see the Light they back away like frightened children.” Much Cruel responded.

The advisers didn’t know what they could do. All their ideas were useless. Much Cruel was greatly annoyed at them. “And you are supposed to be the brightest men in my tribe,” he scoffed.

Just then a stranger entered the throne room. He was dressed like a Native of Doubt but Much Cruel didn’t recognize him. The stranger bowed before the chief, “Much Cruel, chief and king of doubt,” he said respectfully.

Much Cruel frowned. “I’ve never seen you among my people before. Who are you? How did you find our mountain?”

The stranger looked up at the chief. “I am a humble servant and know of a way to completely destroy the two Lightbearers that I’ve heard are becoming a nuisance to you.”

Much Cruel smiled. He didn’t know who this person was but he was already starting to like him. “What’s your idea, friend?” he asked him.

The stranger laid out his plan before him and the advisers. “The Light of Truth that shines from their Lanterns is their source of strength. The words of fire encourage them and those who are present among them, meaning your slaves. If you take the Lanterns away from them they will become weak and will cower under your oppressive power.”

Much Cruel was loving this idea. He was rubbing his hands together and his smile grew wider.

“But here’s the best part, chief,” the stranger added, “when their Lanterns are gone from them put them in your games. Then when the slaves see their friends torn to pieces by the tigers or killed by one of your warriors their faith in the Good King will disappear forever and you will have them for the rest of your life.”

Much Cruel clapped his hands in glee and rose from his throne. “Excellent! Excellent! You, my friend, have found the solution to our problem. What is your name?”

The stranger replied, “For you to know my name is not important. What matters is that you put my plan into action. For I hate Karen and Eddy with an intense hatred, and would love to see them die more than you would.” His red eyes then started to glow, making the chief speechless. Fear began to build up in his soul as he gazed upon those eyes. He then realized that this stranger was beyond human and that it would be best for him to obey.

“I will do as you say,” said Much Cruel.

All of the advisers who also saw the glowing red eyes agreed with him.

The demons beheld the scene invisibly.

“The boss sure is good at persuading humans,” one of them said.

“Why wouldn’t he be, he’s had over 6,000 years observing them on this planet?” one inquired.

“I’d love to see Karen and Eddy’s faces when their Lanterns are taken away from them. Perhaps this will finally be the end of those wretched humans.” said another.

One of the demons looked worried. “Do you suppose that the Most High will interfere with the boss’s plan and save them? He has done that many times before.”

“He doesn’t interfere all the time. Remember the many Lightbearers we destroyed through our servants in the past? The Most High didn’t save them. I have a feeling that this time Karen and Eddy will die. And when they do we will be sure to celebrate.”

The demons then watched as their leader walked out of the throne room. They then saw him disappear and reappear to where they were. He was now invisible again. He smiled at his helpers and told them:

“The plan is in motion. Now here’s what I want you all to do…”

To Be Continued.


“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Ten

Eddy walked cautiously through the dark hallway with his Lantern in his hand. He wanted to find the room where Karen was being held. He was worried for her and he prayed that she was okay. There were no guards patrolling the hallway that night and Eddy breathed a sigh of relief. “Phew! Thank you, Lord!” he whispered.

He then heard the sound of crying coming from a cell. Eddy walked up to the stone door and peered through the stone bars. A little man was lying on the cold floor sobbing hard. Eddy couldn’t stand to see a fellow Small Faith Person suffer so much. He desired to try and encourage him.

“What’s the matter, friend?” he asked kindly.

The sniffling prisoner turned his head up and looked through the bars of the door. The guy who just talked to him, he looked like…no, it couldn’t possibly be!

Eddy quickly knew who the crying Small Faith Person was. “William? Is that you?”

Billy walked up to the door and looked closely at the visitor. “I must be losing my mind,” he mumbled, not believing what he was seeing. “Edward Matthews, is it really you? I heard you were killed by the Natives of Doubt.”

Eddy smiled. “It truly is me, Billy. The Good King preserved me from them.”

Billy was so happy to see an old friend that he reached out his hand to him through the bars. Eddy held his hand tightly and shed tears of joy. He and Billy had been friends for a few years before the attack on their home. It was good to be reunited again.

“You must tell me how the Good King delivered you from our enemies,” said Billy. “That must have been miraculous.”

“When we are all out of this mountain, I will tell you everything.” Eddy promised. Then he remembered the scroll that the angel gave him. He dug into the pocket of his pants and pulled it out. “Billy, this is for you. An angel from Heaven told me to give it to you when I see you.”

Billy took the scroll and started to read it. The words were promises from the Holy Word on being strong in the faith and not giving up. Billy hugged the scroll to his heart. “Thank you, Eddy,” he said to his friend. Then he lifted up his head. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

Eddy wanted to stay longer with Billy but when he heard footsteps approaching he told him that he would see him again and then quickly left. Billy hid the scroll in his cell and waited to see who was coming.

The stone door slowly opened and Much Cruel along with two guards walked into the cell. He came up to Billy and said authoritatively, “Well, puny insect, are you going to be respectful now and do your work without rebelling?”

The little man now felt new courage after reading the words from the scroll. He stood up straight and tall and answered, “Yes, I will do my best, chief.”

Much Cruel was delighted. “Excellent. I will free you from your solitary confinement in the morning so you can start your servitude.”

When the chief and the guards left, Billy got the scroll out from the hiding place and read the words again. Then he put the scroll in the pocket of his shirt and went to sleep. He had a few hours to rest before he would join the other slaves again.

To Be Continued



“Karen The Lightbearer: Faith VS Doubt” Part Nine

Billy wasn’t there to see Eddy. He was in solitary confinement due to his outbursts and refusal to work. He was so brokenhearted about Sally that he just didn’t care anymore. He thought about him and his girlfriend when they were kids and it hurt him so much to realize that he would never see her again.

“Dear Master, life is so unbearable without her! I can’t bear this!” he prayed as he sobbed greatly.

After crying for hours he went to sleep on the cold stone floor. He dreamed of the happy times of Small Faith. He saw his people doing their appointed tasks with joy and heard little children laughing. Such beautiful memories. Then images of the Natives of Doubt attacking them appeared in his dream. He moaned and cried aloud: “No! Dear Master, no! Help us! Please!” Billy then woke up and shuddered. He remembered seeing the children being torn away from their parents and the mothers and fathers begging for mercy before they were forced to slave labor. The attack was truly a nightmare for them! Billy still believed that the Small Faith People would be free someday. He didn’t care if he was freed or not, but he hoped for the sake of his people that their deliverance would come speedily.

“I wonder how long they’ll keep me in this cell?” Billy said to himself. “Maybe they’ll kill me like they did with Sally. If that happens at least I won’t have to go through life without her. Perhaps we will wake up together when the Good King returns. That would be so wonderful!”

Billy then got up from the floor and stood up. He gazed at the walls around him and started to recite stories of the Good King from the Holy Word that he had kept in his heart. He began to feel encouraged and decided to believe that whatever plan His Majesty had in mind for him, even if it meant going on without his girlfriend, it was going to be all right.


Karen and Eddy were forced to join the slaves in their labors. Karen was with the women who mended the shoes and clothing; and Eddy was with the men who were working in the gardens. Though they had to suffer along with those they were sent to help, the Lightbearers didn’t complain or grumble. They knew that the Good King was in control. And whenever He was in control, good always came out of it.

The slaves were comforted at having the Lightbearers with them. The presence of the teenage girl and the little man reminded them that the Good King was still with them. The Light of Truth shined brightly from the Lanterns as the Lightbearers labored, which made those who were in charge of the slaves so uncomfortable that they didn’t strike out or lash out at them. For once the Small Faith People were able to work without fear of being beaten up by their oppressors.

When the day was over the slaves were forced back into their rooms. The guards were greatly annoyed because the little people’s countenances were radiated with joy instead of sadness and dread. How could they be so happy when they were still in bondage? The guards hoped that tomorrow they would come to their senses and the sickly smiles would leave their faces.

In the room where the female slaves were Karen sang some songs that she had learned on her adventures. The little women sang along with her. Then they took turns sharing stories from the Holy Word. Karen listened with amazement because though they didn’t have the Holy Word with them their memory of the scriptures was so sharp that it was like they were actually reading them. Oh, to be blessed with the ability to memorize the sacred writings like that! Karen thought as she sighed. The little women then asked Karen if she had a story from the Holy Word to share.

“I’m afraid my memory isn’t good as yours,” she said chuckling. “But I can share with you a story from my Lantern. The one that I like the best is when the Good King walked on the water. Would you like me to share that one?”

“Oh, yes! Please tell us!” said the little women eagerly.  So Karen shared the story with them by using the Lantern. As she read the words that appeared in the glass a huge beam of Light shot out and formed a glowing screen on the wall of the prison. The little women watched in amazement as the scene was being acted out before them. They cheered when they saw the Good King walk on the water toward a boat that was being tossed by the waves of the sea. In the boat were His disciples who were trying to row out of the storm. When the disciples saw the Good King they became very scared and thought that a ghost was coming to get them. But when He spoke to them, they calmed down because they recognized Him. When Peter got out of the boat he started to walk on the water toward the Good King. But when he doubted he began to sink. After crying to the Good King for help, He pulled him out of the water and helped him back into the boat.

When the story was over and the screen with the moving picture disappeared, the little women discussed among themselves what they heard and saw. It was like the Good King was telling them through the story to not give into their enemies and to keep looking to Him. They would be able to walk above their trials and not sink into them as long as they kept believing in His Majesty. They asked Karen to pray for them and the teenage girl gladly did so.

A guard saw that the slaves were still awake and forced them to go to bed. The little women hastened to obey. When they were all asleep in their stone hard beds, Karen quietly got out of her bed and tip toed to the stone door. Her eyes widened as it opened before her as if by an unseen hand, and she looked out. The guards were not in sight. She carefully left the room and walked down the hallway of the cave. Though there were lighted torches on the wall the hallway was dark for Karen. She was glad that she had her Lantern with her to help in showing where she was going. As she continued walking on the stone floor she tried to find the room where the other slaves were. She wanted to make sure that her little buddy, Eddy was all right. She then saw a room where a little woman was sleeping. She carefully walked into the room. She got up close to the bed and looked at her. The poor thing had bruises on her. The Holy Spirit impressed Karen to touch her head with her hand and pray for her. Karen obeyed. As she prayed for her the little woman woke up. When she saw the smiling young girl gazing down at her she knew that she was face to face with a servant of the Good King.

“I can see that you have been sent by our good and loving Master,” said the little woman smiling back. “Who are you, dear?”

The teenage girl answered gently, “I’m Karen The Lightbearer.”

To Be Continued.